Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lost figures at Salute...

Found at Salute- a figure case with painted figures.

Please contact with description of figures if you have lost them  

Salute 2015 - its a wrap!

Another year, another show done, and the Warlords are mostly massaging tired legs and blisters today.....

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended Salute; Traders, exhibitors and paying visitors, members of other clubs, Warlords & their families who help on the day - you all make Salute what it has become, a great show, with a great atmosphere (even in a hanger).

Also a shout out here to the bloggers who cover us, here are a few selected pictures from early blogs' coverage:

Lurkio - the thin high viz yellow line of Warlords scanners swamped by Wargamer warband....

Eric the Shed - pic of Fort George AWI game, won Best Game Scenery for the Essex Gamesters (as a tall ships nut, I loved all those ships!). The quality of this years games was the highest ever, made it very difficult to judge! We will put up other prize winners and more games pictures in future posts.

A Wargaming Gallimaufry - South London Warlords' Stingray! game

Don't Throw a 1 - South London Warlord's "Lake of Death" game - 1813, Araure - Bolivar's finest moment

We had quite a few requests as to where the teddy bear fur we used as grass came from - its from Craft-Fabrics  (follow link to site)

Big Lee's Miniature Adventures - Space Marine & Guardsman to scale

Tenfiguresaweek - Old Guards Waterloo game, gets prize for "most figures per square inch of table space"

Highlight of my day was having to take Richard Bodley-Scott (yes, that Richard) to his stand - they seemed to have mislaid him ;)

The traders were very happy, so we hope everyone's bank balances recover soon....

We hope to see everyone again next year (rumours of Salute's demise being etc etc)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Salute Online e-Ticket Sales end Thursday 23rd April at 6 pm

Salute £10 Online e-Ticket Sales end Thursday 23rd April at 6pm

After that you will need to pay £15 on the door on the day

Don't wait 'till its too late

We have to close it so we can make a list of all the attendees before the show starts

Megalith Games not at Salute, Dark Sphere taking over stand

  Megalith Games will not be at Salute,  Dark Sphere will replace them at the stand at TD06

Ax Faction becomes ORC Faction this year at SALUTE with the release of Jack the Hack!

He's a whopping bruiser at 40mm and would make a great Uruk, Orc leader, Ogre... or just hacking up your display cab.
Jack is Released on the day at Salute and only available from Ax Faction direct - the first 10 purchases will receive a Ltd Ed Jack sticker. 
Check them out at STAND TH02 - with the entire studio painted range and sneak peeks of new concepts.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Warlords Spring painting Competition Part 1

The SLW run 4 club painting competitions a year, here are the Spring comp entries. We have 4 categories - Themed Fantasy/Sci Fi, Themed Historical, Open (anything done since the previous competition) and Terrain. The Fantasy/Sci Fi Theme this session was "Female". To make it more interesting, this time we had prizes, not just points (Brushes courtesy Games & Gears)

Winner was this bevy:

Runner up - Gargoyle Gals


Baneblade MK II "Female"

 The African Queen

 Chaos Lordette

Dreadball Bunnygirls

Something fishy is going on.......

The intrepid Warlords Investigative Journalism team has been passed an unmarked envelope with worrying photos in it - something nefarious is going down:

 A subterranean city under construction.....

 A school of terrorfish has been assembling.....

We've been here before - this is very worrying -  Its time to call out the Good Guys again

But who is behind it all this time round?....No - wait - surely not Them....

A passing mermaid told us its all due to hit the beach at a point east of London town next Saturday. It's all a bit murky now, but we will endeavour to surface more of this story in next Saturday's edition.