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List of games for Salute 2014  " Enjoy "

  Description of
Club Name Game
Abbey Wood Irregulars This demonstration games will use our new Mission Command WW2 rules to present part of the counter-attack by the 21st Panzer Division that might have taken place against elements of the British 6th Airborne Division on D-Day.
Antenocitis Workshop Governance of Technology Sc-Fi Demonstration Game
Artemis Black's Post-Zombocalypse survivors battle each other for territory and resources.
Bill Hutt A beach assault loosely based on Operation Overlord
Blazing Brush Studio We will be displaying what is possibly the Largest GW Necron Army ever built. Come along and give us your opinions and thoughts.
British Indie A participation game through the industry ravaged streets of London. Criminal masterminds direct their troops in vicious battles.
British Indie A taster game between two gangs vying for control of an automaton factory.
British Indie Set in the World of Twilight. Play as the fearsome Devanu or the diminutive Fubarnii in a quick introduction game.
British Indie Try out the new space combat rules from White Dragon, and take control of your fighters as you battle it out in the deep void of space.
British Indie Arcstorms rage, weapons clash and monsters roam the land. Take command and forge your legend in this fast-paced fantasy skirmish game.
By John (Featuring 'Dave') Hannibals clash with Semporious played out in glorious 1/32nd, the only true scale?
Capitan Games A ruleset with 20 years in the gaming world. We will display the Battle of Albuera.
Capitan Games We display a special scenario designed for Salute 2014 with linked online campaign.
Cerebus/Privateer FREE Event – Everyone can participate. Privateer staff will be on hand all day to oversee the painting and judging of this competition, as well as supplying advice. Prizes will be awarded after each heat, and a Grand Prize will be awarded to the overall winner. Miniatures, paint and supplies are all provided.
Chelmsford Bunker A large scale demonstration game of Warmachine/Hordes on a custom built/themed board.
Chemins de Feu A French Paratrooper group leads a raid to find a Vietnaminh weapons cache.
Continental Wars Society The siege of Rome 1849. The French have occupied the Villa Corsini overlooking the walls of Rome and Garibaldi has ordered it to be recaptured. Can you lead your company out of the St. Pancras Gate, through the entrance to the Cotsini gardens and up the staircase to the front doors of the villa? Medals will be awarded for those who make it!
Crawley Wargames Club A participation chariot racing game, involving driving skilles, thrills, spills and (with any luck) lots of skullduggery between the participants. The game will be card driven, with cards for fast driving and fouling of rivals (which may backfire on the player)
Critical Mass Games The prosperous and civilised world of Argen 4 has lived for many centuries in acceptance that the ARC Fleet would arrive once again to tithe their world, but the arrival of the Zydee representative had given them new hope, and “Off the shelf army” of technological advanced clones ready to meet the ARC Fleet head-on and defend their world.... and at a much reduced cost. Little could they have known that ARC technology itself did not remain dromant!
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio Enjoy a quick game of 7TV, 7th Voyage and ZombieTV with the lovely Team Crooked Dice.
CTK Wargaming To commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the Great War our game this year is set at the opening of the War on the Eastern Frontm and represents part of the Battle of Tannenberg.
Dubreq Limited A new game, launched on Kickstarter, using Lego figures converted into 1/144th scale robots fighting in a futuristic cityscape, also built from Lego.
Dunstable Generals As part of the American “Screaming Eagles” you have been dropped off target and have to get your half-squad to the RV point. It's pitch black and  the countryside is full of hostiles. Was that a sentry?, Will there be landmines? Can you take charge and make it successfully back to the platoon? 
East Grinstead Gamers Up to 4 Participation games on one table each, 2 longer games and 2  quick games. The games will be based around D-Day and it's aftermath.
Essex Gamesters Naval and land battl, as per Bernard Cornwallis' Book “The Ford” in 28mm. This will be the first time my 28mm naval boats have been seen in “the flesh”.
Euphoria Miniatures A skirmish game with 4 -5 miniatures in each team that are fighting to obtain the final prize of the Reality Show. Each character has his own motivations and special abilities. Could be similar to “Running Man”. “The Hunger Games” or Battle Royale. It's a one hour game and the demos are played with 2 miniatures on each side in a 20 – 30 minute game.
Fenris Games A participation game for 5 – 7 players. Can you help hold the line when the Necromancer's troops come to Ducktown.
Freebooter Miniatures Fantasy Pirates
Frothers Unite – UK A fantasy dungeon crawling game exclusively using Reaper Bones Kickstarter miniatures. Can you survive the perils of the caverns to claim the Treasure at the centre of the dungeon?
Frothers Unite – UK In the distant future, elite troops launch a surprise attack of the capital city of a desert world. Can the defenders repel the assault, or will the shock troops seize the Citadel and capture the enemy leader?
Frothers Unite – UK Can the Resistance Fighters deal a blow to their evil overseer's by halting a motorcade, take hostage the VIP and escape the clutches of the Nova-Fed? To all good fighters the Resistance needs you – you're the only hope.
Gaming Club Network Using Bolt Action Rules and Warlord Figures, this game plays out the last scene of the Tom Hanks film. The scenery will be supplied by 4Ground and the game is sponsored by Warlord Games.
Gaming Club Network (Chesterfield Open Gaming Society) A twist to standard gameplay in which players win by achieving goals, not through victory for one side or the other. This system has been played successfully  and involves a lot of bluff and double bluff between players. The setting is a remote Scottish Island.... (IHMN Rules/Westwind Figures)
Gentlemen's Wargaming Parlour Amphibious landings in an attempt to capture ports of the South Coast for King and Mosley - set in an alternative history where Edward VIII doesn't abdicate and a civil war ensues
GLC Games Club Nationalist Forces advance on Madrid in the Winter of 1936 – As the Nationalists move forward Republican Forces prepare to try and stop them.
Gravesend Gamers Guild Skirmish Game using Musket & Tomahawk Rules
Gripping Beast/Studio Tomahawk  Come and play with the factions from the New Crescent and the Cross SAGA set. The authors and developers will be to hand to chat and answer questions.
Gruntz 15mm Three terrain boards to try out the Gruntz 15mm Sci-Fi skirmish rules. Please come and try a game on some purpose built terrain. You would be welcome to brin g some of your own 15mm sci-fi models.
Hasslefree Miniatures Post-Zombocalypse survivors battle each other for territory and resources.
Hawk Wargames A large Dropzone Commander battle scene.
Honnington Wargame Group D-Day Landing 1944 and Marville Battery Assault
Ilford Wargaming Group Take command of your Star Fighter and defend the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.
Jersey Privateers Games Club A 15mm Flames of War game - British Paratroopers with Commando support battle through the German held village "Les Creux du Mont", to silence the German artillery battery beyond..
Just About Games IHMN Steampunk participation game set in the seedy dockside streets of Old London Town.
Leicester Phat Cats 7th August 2008 Georgia launched a large-scale military offensive against South Ossetia, in an attempt to reclaim the territory which had been a breakaway republic since the 1990's. Intense fighting led to Georgia successfully capturing most of Tskhinvali the South Ossetian capital within hours leaving many Russian Peacekeepers in the area casualties of the fighting. Responding to Georgian attacks on its peacekeepers and in defence of the Ossetian militia Russia reacted by deploying units of the 58th Field Army into South Ossetia in a move to punch a hole through the Georgian defence and liberate Tskhinvali. 
Loughton Strike Force Attack on Ponyri during the Battle of Kursk
Maidstone Wargames Society Early part of WW1 in the area of Antwerp
Mechworld Colonists versus Cyclons using Full Thrust Rules
Megagame Makers A rapid play participation game of corps level Napoleonic operations in Germany in 1813. The emphasis of the game is on careful manoeuvre and forward planning. Each game will last no more than about an hour.
Micro Art Studios -
Midlam Miniatures Dwarves enter long lost caverns looking for treasure only to find danger, hazards abnd the fearsome stalagbite! Lurking in the dark. Semi-co-operative bash and grab.
Newark Irregulars A recreation of the most dramatic battle in the East African campaign of World War Two. British and Indian troops fight an uphill battle to drive the Italians from the mountain peaks of Entrea.
Newbury & Reading Wargames Society An action in the Norman-Byzantine War (Circa 1082 AD) fought as a 28mm demonstration game (Limited public participation possible and welcome)
Newbury & Reading Wargames Society A massive multi-player 28mm ACW participation game reflecting the carnage in Virginia in May 1864 (150 years on).
North London Wargames Group Dubbed "The Stalingrad of the East" this epic battle saw the 1500 defenders of Kohima Ridge, outnumbered ten to one, stop the Japanese invasion of india dead in its tracks.
Oshiro Model Terrain A besieging force has fought it's way through the cityand is now outside the main walls. Can the defenders rally out and push them back?
Oxford Wargames Society German and French Regimental forces clash in one of the first encounters in the Ardennes at the start of the Great War, using Blood Picnic rules.
Peterborough Wargames Club The Germans are raising Zombies from the cemetery of Walmington-on-Sea. It's up to Captain Mainwaring and the Home Guard to stop them.
Prodos Games Ltd. Demonstration of the Dark Science Fantasy skirmish game, Warzone Resurrection.
R.A.F. Wargaming Association Dutch and his hostage team bites off a bit more than they can chew in the South American jungle. Will you free the hostages and reach the extraction point.
Radio Dishdash Publishing Demonstration Game of Outbreak the Skirmish Wargame Rules
Radio Dishdash Publishing Participation Game of Outbreak the Skirmish Wargame Rules
Real Time Wargames
We will be coupling together an English Civil War map game in Worcestershire and resolving the battles on tabletop with a novel and fast-play set of wargame rules that emphasise troop types, proper deployment and when to commit your forces.
Red Planet Miniatures Following a campaign into the Martian Outback a convoy is returning to New Victoria with a Martian Prince who is willing to defect.Will they reach their destination?
Scimitar Games Club Beach “RACE” Game
SELWG A Viking skirmish game, when each figure has unique stats. The game will feature a variety of small participation scenarios, designed to last from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much time players have available.
Shadow Warriors Take to the skies as one of the legendary knights of the air. Fly your fragile biplane over the trenches of the Western Front, engage the enemy in a test of nerve and skill and, for the fortunate few, celebrate victory. Wings of Glory is a simple game for 2 or more players. The rules can be learnt in minutes, so before you know it you will be thrust into a whirling dogfight where only the skilful and lukcy will survive. Or for the truly adventurous why not join the vulture Squadron abd take to the air to Catch the Pigeon.
Simple Miniature Games For Salute we're running a game of Infinity with a D-Day beach landing theme, which will be brutal as normally you need lots of cover for Infinity - and the beach won't have much of that! Frontal assault and drop tyroops will lead the invasion to destroy the defences on the beaches of Paradiso.
Simple Miniature Games Our 2nd Salute Demo game will also attempt a D-Day theme, which won't be easy for a Steampunk-esque game, but we'll give it a go with commando raids launched by boat into the harbour and Zombies landing on the beach.
Simple Miniature Games Our 3rd Salute Demo Game will also attempt a D-Day theme - and it's BATMAN!!! Not sure exactly how I'm going to do this, but it'll be fun finding out! Batman - Arkham City goes WWII Europe with US Airborne standing in for the SWAT and German troops being provied as thugs and Joker's criminals all mixed with DC Comic characters!!! Batman's Carentanb is what we're planning for this skirmish game.
Society of Ancients A participation game using Lost Battles rules run by the Author.
Sons of Simon de Monrfort An invasion of a Caribbean Island in 1794 involving land and sea forces.
South East Essex Military Society (SEEMS) The Horrible Hun races various allies for control of the narrow water.
South London Warlords Based on the Commandos under Lord Lovatt and their fight to reach the Orne Canal Crossing (Pegasus Bridge) and relieve the Airborne troops holding it against German Forces. The game represents the final stage of the relief from Le Port.
South London Warlords TBA
South London Warlords TBA
Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgaming Either Sci-Fi or Time Travel to fit in with the show's theme.
Spirit of the Game Lead a band of desperate pirates as they ransack a Caribbean port. Loot and pillage all you can, but watch out for the red coats! A fast and furious skirmish game using our own rules. Come and join the mathem you swabbies!
Stoke Wargames Group The Greeks have invaded the Aegyptian lands. Join with the Heroes and defeat the invaders, or join with the invaders and defeat the Aegyptians.
Sussex Association of Wargamers Attack by the 506th P.I.R against German battery at Ste, Marie, as depicted in the series “Band of Brothers”
Tanelorn Wargames Club Witness the ongoing struggle between the Banebrood and the Halodynes in the ruined city of Cephalon.
Tanelorn Wargames Club Seamus has dispatched Sybelle and the rest of the Redchapel Gang to draw out the Valedictorian and the rest of the University of Transmortis whilst he pursues the mysterious Professor Albus Von Schtook to settle once and for all who owns Molly's heart. As their masters play cat and mouse in the sewers, who will win the skirmish at Cistern Seven? You decide in this undead derby of skill and subtlety of the Rotten Belles versus the strength and steel of the Iron Zombies.
The Hornchurch Wargames Club TBA
The Lance and Longbow Society Can Henry Tudor grab the crown on the "new" battlefield?
The Naval Wargames Society In 1914 the SMS Konisberg was holed up in th Rufiji river delta on the East African coast. The Royal Navy needs to locate and sink her before she can escape to resume her commerce raiding activities.
The Pike and Shot Society -
Tin Soldiers of Antwerp Based on the armoured car actions in the outskirts of Antwerp in 1914. Players will command a squadron of Minervas piloted by several Belgian Nobles. The Germans have laid an ambush and it will be up to you to get to safety AND rescue some unfortunate Cyclistes as well.
Too Fat Lardies The drive inland by Lord Lovatt to link with 7 Para around Pegasus Bridge
Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society TBA
Wargames Emporium Steampunk Fantasy Game
Wargames Emporium Samurai Skirmish Game
Wargames Emporium A company level Sci-Fi wargame with fast play and loads of dice.
Wargames Illustrated -
Wargames Illustrated -
West Wind Productions Check out West Wind's new tabletop skirmish game, Empire of the Dead, 28mm Steampunk Horror. Lots of supern miniatures to show from our new “Requim” Range, plus coaches, carriages and steampunk machines. All adding to the atmosphere and creating a sinister and dark gothic world for Empire of the Dead. Call over to our participation game and join in the fun.
Weymouth Levellers Viking raids, play for 40 minutes; Looting, ships, challenges and fights. Using the Peter Pig "Longship" Rules.
White Hart Wargames Allan Quartermaine and Company explore the ancient Zimbabwean ruins, little suspecting that they may be occupied.. A game utilising the latest IHMN supplement.
Whitehall Warlords Combined operation involving US Riverine, Heli-borne and Armoured units attempting to encircle a North Vietnamese bunker complex.
Wigmore Warriors Over the course of the day, the Wigmore Warriors will play two games one in the morning set around Ypres in 1914, and another in the afternoon over the same terrain ma, but 4 years later in 1918. Rules used will be Square Bashing by Peter Pig and figures from all the major manufacturers.
Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK Wing WW1 aerial participation game using aircraft and maps from Nexus “Wings of Glory” game, A simple to pick up game providing lots of fun.
WSS Magazine and Simon Miller With a nod to the “D-Day” theme, this participation game will involve an opposed Roman landing on the Kent coast. It will feature the 28mm Roman fleet, 2 Legions, wading legionaries and swimming horses, beach defences, Celtic chariots, Druids, Warband and a “Wicker Man”, a hillfort, and elephant dangling from a crane and Roman special forces assaulting up the White Cliffs of Dover. There will also be re-enactors in Roman gear.
Wyvern Wargames The battle along the canal and the right flank.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Battle for Saxon England

Good Afternoon
A grudge match between Alan Pospiech ( South london Warlords ) and Dave Toone ( Gravesend Wargames club)

2000 points late Saxons using the War and Conquest rules

Pitched battle deployment  VariableGame length

Alans Saxons  (objective -  Raid )
Daves Saxons  (objective - Pitched battle )

I used 4 units of thegns deployed in the center with Sirmishers guarding my Right
dave used a mixture of Thegns and Ceorls with Skirmers and Mounted Thegns on his flanks
both armies had a King and two Eorls

The Early turns consisted of me advancing in the center slowly in Shieldwall
Dave moving quickly to close the ground .An early deployment error by me allowed Dave to
drive off both units of my  skirmishers with his javelinmen and mounted Thegns
                                                   Initial deployment my Saxons at the top

I manged to stem the damage to my right by rallying my one unit of skirmishers
this enabled me to slow the advance of his cavalry . Battle lines clashed in ther center as i elected to charge while Daves Saxons went into   shieldwall both sides shooting both both and Javelins proved in effective.

                                              My right flank has crumbled just before the centres collide

 The battle settled into the Normal Dark Age meatgrind with Daves ceorls proving to be more than a match for my Thegns and both Kings in the thick of the Shieldwall
                                                           The battle lines clash

                                      Daves Mounted Thegns move around to threaten the rear

Turns 4 and 5 saw the bettle quality of the Warlords Thegns start to tell against the  Gravesend Ceorls
with me gaining 2 push and shove counters in each combat ,And one unit of Ceorls breaking and being destroyed from combat .

The game was to last until the end of turn 7 One last push by both sides was called for with neither being able to deliver the knockout blow .Daves General and unit of Ceorls fled and were cut down .
My unit of Thegns to my far right  were caught between Daves cavalry to the rear and a unit of Thegns to the front after a brief but bloody fight they were killed were they stood .
Both sides realised that they wouldnt be able to complete their primary objectives so looked to withdraw units from the battle to try and win on Bragging Rights

when the dust settled and the crows feasting on the bodies of the Saxon dead a count up showed that both sides scored 75 points so honours even

                                                                a great game with a good set of rules

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

List of traders for Salute 2014

1st Corps/Curteys Miniatures
4 Ground
Agema Miniatures
Ainsty Castings
Alternative Armies
Amera Plastic Mouldings
Anarchy Models
Ancient & Modern/Donnington Miniatures
Antenociti's Workshop
Anvil Industry Ltd
Arcane Scenery  & Models / Trent Miniatures
Artemis Black's
Ax Faction
B.B. Wargames
Baccus 6mm Ltd
Bandua Wargames
Battle Foam
Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd/Wargames Illustrated
Black Box Games
Black Hat Miniatures & Fighting 15s
Black Scorpion Miniatures
Blight Wheel Miniatures
Brigade Models Ltd
British Indie
Caliver Books
Critical Mass Games
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio
Dark Realm Miniatures
Dark Sphere Games Club
Darkstar Miniatures
Demented Games
Dixon Miniatures
Dubreq Ltd
Eagle Figures
Empress Miniatures
Essex Miniatures
Eureka Miniatures
Fenris Games
Figures in Comfort
Fireforge Games
Flag Dude
Four A Miniatures
Force of Arms
Forge World
Freebooter Miniatures
Front Rank Figurines
Gateshead Gaming & Collectables
GCT Studios Ltd
Grand Manner
Great Escape Games
Gringo 40's
Gripping Beast/Musketeer Miniatures/Studio Tomahawk
Ground Zero Games
Grubby Tanks / Britannia Miniatures
Harfields Military Figures
Hasslefree Miniatures
Hawk Wargames Limited
Help fo Heroes
Heresy Miniatures
Heroics and Ros Ltd
Instant Armies
KR Multicase
Karwansaray Publishers/Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy
Ken Trotman Ltd
Kerr & King
Last Man Last Bullet
The Last Valley
Leisure Games
Lesleys Bits Box
Magister Militum
Magnetic Displays/Coritani
Mantic Games
Marquee Models
Micro Art Studio
Mierce Miniatures Ltd
Milicast Model Company
Atlantic Publishers/ Miniature Wargames
Midlam Miniatures
Model Display Products
Modelmates Ltd
Mongoose Publishing
Mutineer Miniatures
Newline Designs
Offensive Miniatures
Old Glory Corp
Oshiro Model Terrain
Osprey Publishing Ltd
Otherworld Miniatures
Paul Meekins Books
Pendraken  Miniatures/ Minibits
Perry Miniatures
Perry Metals - Dave Thomas
Peter Pig
PRODOS Games Ltd
Products For Wargamers
Project Shadowstug (Peachey Models)
Q Workshop
Radio Dishdash Publishing
Rapier Miniatures
Red Eagle Miniatures
Redoubt Enterprises
Reiver Castings
Renedra Ltd
Resina Planet
S&A Scenics
Salamander Charity Army
Sarissa Precision
Scheltrum Miniatures
Schrodinger's Box
SHQ Miniatures
Simple Miniature Games
Slitherine Ltd /Matrix Games/Ageod
Smax Store / Ammon Miniatures
Spectre Miniatures
Sphere Products/Progressive Engineering Solutions Ltd
Stafford Games
Steve Barber Models
Studio McVey
Studio Miniatures
Taban Miniatures
The Dice Shop Online (Squashgoblin Ltd)
The Plastic Soldier Company
The Square
Thundercloud Miniatures
Tritex Games Ltd
The Troll Trader
Troublemaker Games
Tumbling Dice
Too Fat Lardies
Urban Construct
Victrix Limited
Wargames Emporium
Wargames Foundry
Wargames Terrain Workshop
Wargames Tournaments
Warlord Games
Warm Acre Games
Warmodelling Miniatures
Wayland Games
West Wind Productions
Zinge Industries

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Breaking news

Breaking news

Tickets for Salute 2014 available to pre order from