Thursday, 31 October 2013

Club Night 22nd October 2013

A few games from the club this week. Many different games are played, so if you do not see your particular Genre, does not mean they are not played. 40K and Kings of War are popular at the moment as there are leagues being played in both genres. nineteenth century and WWII are regularly played in 15mm and 28mm and WWII in 20mm. Other game systems played are Malifaux, Saga, Dystopian wars, Wings of War (WWI Dogfights) and X-wing are played and many more. contact us at website below and ask if we play your particular fave game system.

 photo DSC03709_zpsde73a119.jpg
General view

The Monthly Party game this month was Pirate Skirmish using LotHS with some adaptions by Myself. Had seven players.
 photo DSC03707_zps636a0fdb.jpg

Some of the action
 photo DSC03717_zpsacb86c35.jpg

 photo DSC03706_zps53fcb47d.jpg

Some of the players
 photo DSC03698_zps01ef3fe9.jpg

15mm Hammer Slammers 
 photo DSC03708_zpsf524429e.jpg

The Canteen Staff! "Bless em"
 photo DSC03710_zps06b9c2c9.jpg

A 40K tutorial for Frankie and his Dad, Roger 
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A Zombicide board game, had six playing.
 photo DSC03712_zps5c4e2a43.jpg

28mm ACW, Guns at Gettysburg rules. Rosa had a cold, hence the warm clothing.
 photo DSC03713_zpsff8e876a.jpg

WWII 6mm ToW rules, Had seven playing.
 photo DSC03714_zps489a774e.jpg

A Kings of War league game draws to a close.
 photo DSC03715_zps379a0fc7.jpg

A Kings of War tutorial game
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