Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Carry on Pirate

It appeared that it was my turn to put on a party game at the club, so I decided on Pirates. I use the Legends of the High Seas and, as it it a one off game, streamline the rules. Only Pistols and musket were allowed for shooting and cutlasses and hand weapons for melee. I created some "character" cards which could be used at various times in the game dependant on which phase it could be used (movement, shooting, melee or at any time). Each player received 3 cards from this deck and they could only use one per turn. Some they could use some they could not, depending what faction they were. At the start of game, no one knew who was who and were spotted at 18 inches.


I had already written out the rosta sheets and almost all ten players knew what faction they were playing. I split the game into two tables, with five players on each.

Another smuggler is rumbled

On the right hand table (below), we had Royal Navy (Paul D- Quins top), French Militia (Alan - Blue & white shirt), Spanish (Paul W - White Shirt) and then 2 Pirates ( Jim - Black Shirt & Robbie -Red Shirt)


On the Left hand table (below), we had Eat India Company (James- Black top), French Marines (Barry - Blue shirt), Dutch West Indies Company (Kyri - White Shirt with his back to us) and then 1 Pirates ( Dave - Making the tea at this point) and a Privateer (Darren - in the Dapper looking hat)

I gave each player a mission card, which had three missions on, which they had to try and fulfil or meet their fate.

The missions varied from find the governor, Spanish gold, Blackbeard, governors daughter and pirates and plunder. Instead of rolling for initiative we drew cards and highest on both tables went first. Also the player with the highest card that turn received a toy pistol, why.....read on. There were also 4 jokers in the deck and should any of these jokers be drawn in the initiative phase, it would spark off a random event, from cannibals turning up closest to the pistol holder that turn, or quicksand appearing or good stuff like buried treasure being found. 

Pirates on the move

Right table. French had to escort the governor from far end of table to the fort. RN had to snatch the governor, find Pirates hideout. Spanish wanted their gold back and wanted to snatch the Governor. Both Pirates needed to Snatch the Governor, find Blackbeard and get the Spanish Gold.

Similar missions on this table except The French needed to find Governors daughter and the Pirate to find was Jack Rackham. (and Dave is back from making tea)

Spanish (AWI figs repainted)

Shots during game

The French on their way to the fort. Pirates on the other side of the building trying to cut them off

I made national flags for when spotted. The RN are trading blows with The French as the Goveror gets away.

The East India Co. are trading shot with the French to the top of pic and Pirates form the top right.
The Dutch West Indies Co. have all taken refuge in the bottom left building as the Privateers hold back the cannibals who are attacking them from the bottom left of pic.

I hope all had a good game. I certainly enjoyed running it, as it was played in the true spirit of Piracy.....Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Parting shot some eye candy Ships from members taking part.
Mostly Kiddie toy ships, painted and tarted up.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Salute 2012 Painting Competition results

Apologies for the delay in getting these pictures up, I've had a (not so) short stay in hospital. However - pictures of the best in class are here, and the 'best of the rest' are on Facebook.

So without further delay, here are the pictures of the class winners in the Salute 2012 Painting Competition.

1 Historical Wargames Single figure: Infantry or Cavalry

1st (034) - Mark Taylor - Roundway Down 1643
2nd (033) - Robert Lane - Trench Raider 1917

2 Historical Wargames unit Infantry or Cavalry

1st (133) - Darren Linnington - 11th North Devonshire Regiment
2nd (250) - Micheal Mc Gechie - French Camels

3 Historical Wargames unit Other

1st (155) - David Falvey - Scots Grey + French Infantry
2nd (042) - Darren Linnington - Pyrrhic Elephant


The best overall winner from the 3 categories: 1, 2, and 3;
(133) - Darren Linnington - 11th North Devonshire Regiment

4 Science Fiction Single Figure

1st (108) Jon Gerraghty - Man’s Best Friend
2nd (126) Andy Dean - Eldar Farseer

5 Science Fiction Wargames unit

1st (011) Conrad Mynett - Hettannads
2nd (157) David Heathfield - Grots

6 Science Fiction Creature or Vehicle

1st (107) Christopher Octive - Streetbot Willy
2nd (114) John Harrison - Taco 54 Beetle Boy


The best overall winner from the 3 categories: 4, 5, and 6
(011) Conrad Mynett – Hettannads

7 Fantasy Single Figure

1st (012) Conrad Mynett - Wraith
2nd (056) Nicholas Lecci - Dilemme

8 Fantasy Wargames unit

1st (047) Headley Coppock - Orphidian Slaves
2nd (189) Andrey Tatarinov - Bushido Temple

9 Fantasy Creatures or Vehicles

1st (046) Headley Coppock - Orphidian Archer
2nd (026) Damien Pedley- Great Unclean One


The best overall winner from the 3 categories: 7, 8, and 9
(046) Headley Coppock - Orphidian Archer

10 Miscellaneous Class - any figure or unit not covered by the above 9 classes.

1st (014) Conrad Mynett - Illithid
2nd (063) Nicholas Lecci - Faith and Duty

11 Junior Class - any figure or unit covered by any of the above 10 classes painted and entered by a person up to and including 16 years old.

1st (074) Chris Hoad - The Crusader
2nd (070) Fynn Riepe - Zombie Hunters

12 SALUTE FIGURE ; Painting the Salute 2011 Collectors Set

1st (102) Mark Lifton
2nd (040) David Hewkin

BEST OF SHOW This is the best overall entry from all classes

(014) Conrad Mynett - Illithid

Salute 2012 - part 2

It took a while getting here but the Salute 2012 part two video has finally been finished, We had a few problems with some corrupt and damaged clips, but these were eventually sorted out, and now the video is up on here and up on our website.

The part 2 video basically shows a small selection of the many great games that could seen at the show, we hope you enjoy watching.