Thursday, 28 March 2013

Victoria Miniatures at Salute 2013

Pre-orders now open for Salute 2013.

This year Victoria Miniatures will be available at Salute on a pre-order basis. Simply enter the code: SALUTE when placing your order and you will be able to pick up your miniatures directly from the Eureka Miniatures stand on the day (just present your name and order number). No postage charges, no customs charges.

Orders accepted until the end of March. All you have to do is put your order through as normal, when you get to the summary page there will be a box asking if you have discount codes etc. enter SALUTE there. This will stop any postage being added to the order.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Club night - 25 March 2013

It's good to wander round the club every so often; sometimes you get to see something different. This week, as well as the usual WW2 and 40k fare, there was a game of Dust Tactics going on; great looking figures, some Bloodbowl and a bit of Magic:The Gathering. Salute is close, but we still need to play a few games before then.
Dust Tactics
I love the walkers
Grey Knights face off against Space Wolves
Golden Grey Knights
More 40k - more Grey Knights and some Dark Eldar
I think this was Bolt Action
This certainly was Bolt Action
Bolt Action dice in action... 
Bloodbowl Elves and Humans
Magic: The Gathering. 
Playtesting the Salute game - using small scale
figures so it fits the club tables more easily

Formula D - fifth race of the season, ten players
I scraped fourth place; deserved sixth but I'm not complaining
If anything takes you fancy, leave a comment - we are always looking for new members, so if you're in our neck of the woods and can get to Dulwich on a Monday evening, get in touch.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bring and Buy at Salute 2013

I don't know about you, but I always seem to come home with more than I intended after Salute. If you want to get rid of some of your excess gaming paraphernalia, there's always the Bring and Buy stand run by our friends at the South East London Wargames Group. It's really helpful to them if you can download the form and complete it before you come - and of course, that means you can book in quicker and spend more time looking at the show!

SALUTE is a very busy show, and the bring and buy is unable to sell goods on your behalf that are not individually priced. Examples that the bring and buy cannot take and will treat as inappropriate are:

  • Boxes containing a number of items at £1 each - the box must be priced as one item, with a price for all items contained in the box. 
  • Individual priced items in one box - the individual items must be in individual containers/boxes or be able to be easily carried (eg. Books).

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blight Wheel Miniatures at Salute 2013

We have recently worked on a very different kind of miniature from our usual range, this time we are starting a range of reptilian mutants. The first model is an exclusive for our Salute 2013 customers. This Komodo Warrior has been bred and trained for war.

The promotional miniature will be offered to any customer placing a pre-order of 50€ or more on our web-store (please then enter the code "salute2013"). On the day, it will also be offered for purchases of £50 or more while stock lasts. It will not be possible to buy it separately, there is a limited stock and once it's gone, it's gone.

Blight Wheel Miniatures team

Friday, 22 March 2013

Our own games at Salute 2013

This year we have two games at Salute - 'Fleeced!' and 'Hammers Slammers - Route 66'.

Fleeced! (Fantasy, 1/6 scale)
Jason & The Argonauts in a heroic quest for a new rug…
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fabulous 1963 film version, the game represents the final climatic battle between Jason, plus two other Argonauts against the "Children of the Night" - demonic skeleton fighters grown from the Hydra's teeth. The Heroes must initially cover the escape of the fleece (off table) for the first few turns, before trying to make their own escape... The figures are all accurate "collector" models based on Ray Harryhausen's brilliant originals.

Hammers Slammers - Route 66
15mm Sci-Fi participation game using a "stripped down" version of the Hammer’s Slammers The Crucible Rules. We intend to have a maximum public involvement whilst retaining the feel of the original game. We are planning to simplify the rules for a ‘cinematic’ feel that will allow the players to try their hands at running a troop of the famous Hammer’s Slammers as they make their way from the Star port to Clyde City on Cullen’s World on Route 66!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Old Glory at Salute 2013

Old Glory UK at Salute 2013.
Stand TJ19

 This year we’ll have a lot of new items- especially in the Bluemoon 15mm range. Additions to the ACW and Napoleonic ranges will include new Napoleonic artillery crews and Western theatre infantry for the ACW. In addition we’ll have the superb new 28mm Dark Ages range from Drabant of Moscow and Salute will see the launch of the Fireforce15 15mm “Technicals” range.

 New Lil’ flyin’ Fokkers 1/100th (15mm) aircraft will include the Hawker Tempest and the Bristol Beaufighter. As always the “6 for 5” deal will be in operation and pre-orders are welcome. See our UK website for our full product lines.

 See you at EXCEL
 Andy OGUK.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Amera at Salute 2013 - part 2

Amera Pre order offer 1 in 10 free! With a month to go to the show Amera Plastic Mouldings is pleased to announce the first countdown special offer. From today we will refund the cost of every 10th preorder received and paid for upfront for collection at Salute.

So no postage charges, chance for you to browse the whole range at send a preorder and have a 1 in 10 chance of the order being free!

Email us at, via site or ask questions on our facebook page.

Photos of Amera scenery painted courtesy of D&M painting - see more at our stand.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Black Library at Salute 2013

From Black Library's events page:

Black Library will be attending the Salute event in London. This year, authors Graham McNeill, John French and Guy Haley will all be attending.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Newline Designs at Salute 2013

Newline Designs have sent me the following information about their ranges for Salute 2013.

New ranges for Salute
  • 28mm 8th century Arabs, Early Saxons and Sarmations.
  • 28mm 8th-12th century Chinese
New releases
  • 28mm Sassanid Slingers and Norman Archers.
  • 28mm Minoan/Mycenean Pikemen, Mycenean Swordsmen and Archers.
  • 28mm Sherden Command.
  • 20mm Hanoverian Landwehr.
  • 20mm Coureus de Bois
  • 20mm Rogers Rangers
  • 1/72nd Sikh War British Artillery crew and Bengal Horse Artillery
  • 1/72nd Sikh War British Lancers and Light Dragoons
  • 1/72nd Mycenean Swordsmen
Special Offers for Salute
  • 10% off all Army and Bargain packs (20mm and 28mm)
  • Buy any 3 - 28mm unit packs (£20 each) and receive a 4th pack of your choice free
  • All 20mm Unit packs only £7 (normally £9.50)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Privateer Speed Painting Competition at Salute 2013

Privateer Press will be running a painting competition on the stand GL11 at this year's Salute. Attendees can stop by and enter, for free, a speed painting contest. The contest will run all day and has no cost to the participant.All participants get to keep the miniatures they paint and a prize will be awarded after each round, with a grand prize winner at the end.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ax Faction at Salute 2013

Ax Faction makes it's trade debut appearance at Salute 2013. Please drop by and say 'Hi!'

If you would like to meet Ax Faction, come to stand TC19, where you can help choose the next miniature to be sculpted for our range. Currently there are two possibilities - a pre-historic pin-up or a sexy Steampunk hunter!

If you would like to place any pre-orders with us for collection at Salute to save on postage then you can contact us through our website or message us via Facebook!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Renedra at Salute 2013

As well as bringing our current range of products to Salute, we are releasing on the day our latest plastic kit – a Ramshackle Barn (1/56 scale for 28mm gaming) – this kit contains 3 frames to make the barn; they also include 2 pitch forks, 2 ladders and a cartwheel.

As well as the barn we are adding other new releases - plastic gabions, 20mm diameter bases, 50mm diameter bases and 60mm diameter bases to the range.

We will be doing some ‘Salute specials’ and look forward to once against meeting so many of you.

Also for anyone interested in seeing the actual mould that produced the Salute 2013 figure, we will have this on our stand - TE 18.

Traders list for Salute 2013

The list of traders for 2013 is now online, together with the floorplan - see the menu above, or this page on the blog.

You can also download the Salute 2013 floorplan if you want a copy.