Thursday, 27 February 2014

Agema Miniatures will be launching our Republican Roman Legionaries box set at Salute. To celebrate this, for every box of Legionaries bought at Salute, we will be offering a box of Velites at 50% off.

Buy two boxes of Legionaries and two boxes of Velites, and get a resin Velite commander figure free!

Retail Price £15
Salute Special £10
©Darkstar Miniatures
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Salute 2014 Special Offers

Eureka Minis 

Will bring any orders placed before Salute 2014 to the show for pick up thus saving the customer the postage charge
It’s Nick from Black Box Games.
We produce the award winning “Lords of War” strategy cards game.
We are launching our successful kickstarter game and expansion pack (the 3 rd in the series)
at Salute 2014 – “Templars vs Undead”.
Our two pac...ks presently available are: “Orcs vs Dwarves” and “Elves vs Lizardmen”.

All armies are playable against each other.
The deals:

Normally the packs retail at: £12.99

But for Salute:

2 of any pack for £20

All 3 packs for £28

All 3 packs plus the Terrain and Weather expansion for £35

Playmats for £10 – up for haggling!!

1 army card tin and card sleeves for £5
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 

Salute  2014  Special offers

We'll be running our usual advance order deal for customers - any order placed in advance for £50 or more and paid in cash on the day will get 10% off. Orders can also be placed through our website by selecting the 'Collect in Person' shipping option which won't charge postage
BanduaWargames  Salute Special offer

Customers are able to order any Bandua Wargames product or Painted Miniature which we offer on our website at a 15% discount and we will deliver it on the Salute 2014.
Bandua Wargames products:
Painted Miniatures:
¿How can I make my order?
1.- You simply have to make the purchase or an order through our website
2.- On the summary of you order add the code: Salute2014 on the “Vouchers”
3.- Finishing your order, on the delivery, select the option “pickup on store”
4.- Check us out on the Salute 2014 and pick up your order!
Also during the event, all fans can enjoy a 10 % discount on all of our products. And the first 200 also get a gift designed exclusively for the Salute 2014.
Thanks for all
Colonel Bills will be offering a Salute pre order discount on all our stock items except there  painted figures.

The discount includes:
Unpainted 2nd hand stock (all scales and periods)
4Ground (full 28mm and 15mm ranges available)
Heroes of the Dark Age 28mm figures
Crann Tara 1/56th scale 1745 Jacobite Rebellion figures
Polly Oliver 15mm AWI range
Depot Battalion 28mm figures and accessories
Are pleased to announce that their band new mini will be available at Salute! The Druid's Daughter - Gnoll Hunter

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Salute Special Offers

1ST Corps, Kingmaker Miniatures   and  Curteys Miniatures

 Salute discounts

We are offering the following pre-order discounts
 on supplement and unit packs  for Salute 2014

Pre-order by 22nd March to receive a 20% discount on  1st Corps,Kingmaker Miniatures and Curteys Miniatures products. 10% on Battle Flagproducts.

Pre-order by 29th March to receive a 15% discount on  1st Corps,Kingmaker Miniatures and Curteys Miniatures products. 10% on Battle Flag products.

Pre-order by 5th April to receive a 10% discount on  1st Corps,Kingmaker Miniatures and Curteys Miniatures products. 10% on Battle Flag products.

Army deals receive a 10% discount when pre-ordered.

Payment in cash on the day.

Remember to get your pre-orders in asap.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Location and table number of the games within Salute 2014

Club NameNo.
Abbey Wood IrregularsGC10
Antenocitis WorkshopGC07
Artemis Black'sGA06
Bill HuttGM10
Blazing Brush StudioGN09
British IndieGN02
British IndieGN02
British IndieGN02
British IndieGN02
British IndieGN02
By John (Featuring 'Dave')GD04
Capitan GamesGJ06
Capitan GamesGJ07
Chelmsford BunkerGA13
Chemins de FeuGM05
Continental Wars SocietyGK13 & GK15
Crawley Wargames ClubGM12
Critical Mass GamesGK03
Crooked Dice Game Design StudioGB07
CTK WargamingGM15
 T B CGA21
Dunstable GeneralsGA15
East Grinstead GamersGM21
Essex GamestersGJ14
Essex WarriorsGM06
Euphoria MiniaturesGJ17
Fenris GamesGA10
Freebooter MiniaturesGB18
Frothers Unite – UKGL09
Frothers Unite – UKGL09
Frothers Unite – UKGL09
Gaming Club NetworkGL12
Gaming Club Network (Chesterfield Open Gaming Society)GL12
Gentlemen's Wargaming ParlourGG01
GLC Games ClubGC02
Gravesend Gamers GuildGK09
Gripping Beast/Studio Tomahawk GK05
Gruntz 15mmGK11
Hasslefree MiniaturesGA04
Hawk WargamesGJ03
Honnington Wargame GroupGK17
Ilford Wargaming GroupGM08
Jersey Privateers Games ClubGN06
Just About GamesGA17
Leicester Phat CatsGJ19
Loughton Strike ForceGG09
Maidstone Wargames SocietyGM19
Megagame MakersGC03
Micro Art StudiosGC05
Midlam MiniaturesGB20
Newark IrregularsGB05
Newbury & Reading Wargames SocietyGC15
Newbury & Reading Wargames SocietyGC14
North London Wargames GroupGM14
Oshiro Model TerrainGB15
Oxford Wargames SocietyGA19
Peterborough Wargames ClubGL10
Prodos Games Ltd.GM04
R.A.F. Wargaming AssociationGM20
Radio Dishdash PublishingGG10
Radio Dishdash PublishingGG10
Real Time WargamesGL04
Red Planet MiniaturesGC01
Scimitar Games ClubGJ15
Shadow WarriorsGB24
Simple Miniature GamesGH02
Simple Miniature GamesGH03
Simple Miniature GamesGG02
Society of AncientsGK04
Sons of Simon de MonrfortGM17
South East Essex Military Society (SEEMS)GM22
South London WarlordsGG07
South London WarlordsGF04
South London WarlordsGH05
Southbourne Tabletop and BoardgamingGL06
Spirit of the GameGJ16
Stoke Wargames GroupGN07
Sussex Association of WargamersGM18
Tanelorn Wargames ClubGM13
Tanelorn Wargames ClubGM11
The Hornchurch Wargames ClubGN11
The Lance and Longbow SocietyGB04
The Naval Wargames SocietyGC08
The Pike and Shot SocietyGL03
Tin Soldiers of AntwerpGJ09
Too Fat LardiesGJ11
Tunbridge Wells Wargames SocietyGM09
Wargames EmporiumGC12
Wargames EmporiumGC12
Wargames EmporiumGC12
Wargames IllustratedGN13
Wargames IllustratedGN16
West Wind ProductionsGA08
Weymouth LevellersGB22
White Hart WargamesGB03
Whitehall WarlordsGK07
Wigmore WarriorsGK20
Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK WingGM07
WSS Magazine and Simon MillerGE02
Wyvern WargamesGM16