Thursday, 26 April 2012

Salute video - part 1

We may not be the fastest to get pictures up online, but we have some access that nobody else does. On the build day for the show, Friday 20th April, Romanas spent some time walking round with a video camera to get footage which would let you see what goes into setting up the largest club show in the country.

It shows the 8 hours of build in about 8 minutes; starting with the arrival of tables and going through to the evening when we had perhaps a little over half our traders in place for the show. There will be a 'part 2' in a few days...

Monday, 23 April 2012

Salute 2012 - Games prizes

We had over 100 games of various types at Salute 2012, and the sheer quality is enough to knock you out. Jim would like me to thank each and every club who brought a game to the show this year. We do recognise how much time and effort you put into realising your ideas, and we are amazed by the quality on show each year. Thank you.

Pictures of these games, and many more, can be found on our Facebook Album. Anyway, here are the results of the judging.

Best Demonstration Game: Maidstone Wargames Society for 'Operation Deadstick'.

Best Participation Game: Royal Air Force Wargaming Association for 'Blinking Smash and Grab Cakewalk'.

Best Painted Armies: GLC Games Club for 'Battle of Zallach [1086]'.

Best Scenery: Tin Soldiers of Antwerp for 'Bring me the head of Suzuki Akira'.

Most Impressive Troops: Essex Gamesters for 'Corunna'.

Most Comprehensively Created Game: Chemins de Feu for 'Slowing the Tide [Baltic 2nd April - 2nd May 2009]'.

Best Presented Game: Continental Wars Society for 'Swiss Civil War – Battle of Gislikon'.

Most Innovative Game: Frothers Unite! UK for 'Shadows Over Froth Street'.

Salute Challenger: Loughton Strike Force for 'Wagram'.

And finally...

The Salute Challenge Shield: Essex Gamesters for 'Corunna'.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thank you!

We would like to thank every single gamer, painter, trader and significant other who came to Salute today. We were really pleased to see so many through the doors (recession, what recession?), and the whole place seemed to have a buzz this year - thank you!

I will be posting pictures from the show, the competitions and the painting over the next week or so, but for now, all I will say is that it was a great showcase for a hobby that we all love.


Friday, 20 April 2012

The TFL site now has all the information for this weekend's planned engineering works, and it looks like everything will be running. I'll be out there testing it tomorrow, as we start building the show from 9:00am.

Also, for those of you coming in for the weekend remember that London has the Marathon on Sunday, 22nd April...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (27)

Miniature Wargames - TF04 -

Contract Wargames Fever at Salute 2012
Wargames Fever will be at Salute on stand TF04. You will be able to buy Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible rules and Starter Packs, our range of card buildings in a variety of scales and eras and rules and wargaming accessories at discount prices.

You will also be able to purchase from the full range of 28mm metal figures from Offensive Miniatures and a selection of 1/72 resin scenic items from Sgts Mess.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (26)

Mantic Games - TE10 -

Mantic launching Project Pandora at Salute
The much anticipated Project Pandora: Grim Cargo launches at Salute.

Containing 20 beautiful miniatures, a complete starship tile pack and an elegant and enticing set of rules, Project Pandora puts the Corporation against the Veer-myn in a cat and mouse game of survival. The game features innovative dice-driven combat and action-point based movement and comes complete with 6 scenarios that build in difficulty, equating to games from anywhere between 30 mins to 2 Hours, and that’s before you start swapping sides and replaying the missions.

Project Pandora will be available at Salute exclusively on the Mantic stand where there will be demoes of the game and Jake Thornton will be on hand to answer your questions. There are only a limited number of copies of the game available, so you can reserve yours by emailing

Kill all you can! – Win £75 by topping our Pandora Leaderboard
Scenario 1 is all about killing Veer-myn and we’ll be running a leaderboard on the day recording the number of kills.

The person with the highest number of kills will win themselves £50 to spend on the Mantic webstore. We’ll also be running this at Adepticon which is on the same weekend in the United States. If the top scorer beats the Adepticon score, we’ll increase the prize to £75!

Get yourself over to the Mantic stand and, if you can’t get to the show, visit our special offers section where you’ll be able to get yourself a deal and join in the fun!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (25)

Freebooter Miniatures - TC11 -

Salute is drawing very close indeed and we thought we'd give you a brief heads up about some special deals we'll have in order to entice you to our stand, not that the chance of meeting us in person, having a nice chat, getting your rulebooks signed, purchasing some metally goodness and playing a game of Freebooter's Fate wouldn't already be enough.

So, first off, the bundle deals. If you are new to the game and want to get stuck in, all the starter deals from the webshop will be available, i.e. a copy of the Basic Rulebook, a pack of playing cards and a starter box of 4 miniatures (6 for Goblins) at GBP 50 each (GBP 57 for the Goblins).

You may have noticed that if you want to play the Amazons to the full, you really need the Deep Jungle expansion book. And that this book also contains new stuff for all the other crews as well. Well, that's why we also offer a mega starter deal for those of you who want to jump in at the deep end or start with feather-clad females. These deals consist of a copy of the Basic Rulebook, a deck of playing cards, the respective crew's starter box of miniatures and a copy of the Deep Jungle book for GBP 69 (GBP 75 for the Goblins).

You will also be the first people in the world who can get their greedy gamer mitts on the new equipment cards which have just come back from the printers. They will be released at Salute 2012 at GBP 7 a pack, details about what they are can be obtained here And because we may be freebooters but we are nice freebooters at heart, we will be offering a Captain's Special. That's a copy of the Basic Rulebook, a copy of the Deep Jungle expansion book, a pack of playing cards, a pack of the brand spanking new equipment cards (that's the complete set of printed material released for Freebooters Fate so far) and a starter set of miniatures for the crew of your choice for GBP 75 (GBP 80 if you choose Goblins).

Plus, don't forget that this is one of the few opportunities to buy our special Goblin Ragg Chiflad, whom we only sell at cons and fairs and who is not available in our shop.

And to top it all off, anybody making a purchase of £30 or more at our stand gets to make one draw* from the Captain's hat. We've packed it with all sorts of goodies from our extensive range, including some limited edition miniatures. This would be a good way of getting a figure to paint up for the WAMP contest ( which is currently on - hint, hint.

Small print bit: Please note that all these special deals are only valid for purchases made at our stand at Salute 2012.
* The draw is limited to one per person for the entire day, regardless of the number of purchases.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (24)

Taban Miniatures - TF08 -

We will present our miniatures ranges EDEN (post apocalyptic Skirmishes), MadLab73, (resin textured bases)and Master Miniatures (collector showcase models). Since our payload capacity is limited, we highly recommend to pre-order on our website.

By doing so, you will be sure of the availability of our references and will save time to talk with our Design team, watch our studio models and pay a visit to other great stands or events.

Additionally, our website will feature a -10% discount for the customers picking up their products at salute. Upon ordering, Just enter the promotional code : salute12

Finally a big surprise will be there for all the Eden players !

Friday, 13 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (23)

e-Minis - TD04 -

Next Saturday 21st April E-minis will be at Salute with its own stand (TD04).

It is a pleasure to offer everyone who goes to the Show, a 10% off in all items you pre-order us before next 19th April, in order to get and pay those items in the E-MINIS Stand.

Doesn’t let this opportunity go (free shipping and 10% off), and If you go to the show, or you know some friend who goes, get this special offer!!!

We will be on the Stand TD04, where you will find out all our best seller range of brands such us ESCENORAMA, GAMEZONE, AVATARS OF WAR, TERCIO CREATIVO, SCIBOR, CONFRONTATION, TALE OF WAR, RAGING HEROES, KNIGHT MODELS, REAPER,,…

We wait for you at Salute, in South London Excel Centre (in Docklands)!!!

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (22)

Maelstrom Games Ltd - TD20 - / banelegions


Wowser! It doesn’t seem five minutes since the last event, if we’re honest, but here we all are again for the United Kingdom’s finest independent wargaming show, a show that seems to get better each year and of course goes by the name of… Salute!

Run by the South London Warlords wargaming club and promising to be a full day of wargaming goodness and shenanigans, Salute 2012 should prove to be even better than the last one – at least for us, anyway, because our range has grown immensely in the twelve months since said last event and this year we’ll also have some superb sneak peeks of upcoming miniatures, some of which you’ll even be able to purloin ahead of schedule. How amazing is that!

So, as well as all of our existing range that is currently available – that’s nineteen BaneBeasts and twenty-six BaneLords, forty-five miniatures in all – you’ll also be able to buy May’s releases, Mjagnir, Muldo and Alianne, as well as be lured by the prospect of checking out some pre-production casts of Kadámastar, Ancient Devourer, Ygerna, Sword-Melusine and Svrill, Wielder of Khthon… in other words, June’s releases! We’re not promising anything, but you may also be able to get your hands on them before anybody else – as long as we’ve got all of our ducks in a row beforehand.

Now then. As we did last year at Salute, we’ll be bringing all of our painted miniatures – some of which really do need to be seen to be believed – to show off in our display cases, as well as fully-assembled resin versions of each that you can physically pick up and have a look at. There really is no subsitute for seeing these miniatures “in the flesh”, so now you can have a real good look before you buy, of course – why else would you visit our stand?!?! You can find our stand – TD20 – under the Maelstrom Games name on this South London Warlords’ Salute 2012 map, handily circled for you. Check it out below!

There’ll probably be a couple of updates over the next week or so and there may well be further announcements about Salute, too – so keep checking back!

(this posting was culled from their own blog - visit it here)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (21)

Peter Pig - TJ03 -

Peter Pig will be at Salute for the 25th year. We will be bringing a participation game of PBI (WWII 15mm). It will be a "gamette" of two platoons of Brits attacking one platoon of Germans in Normandy-style terrain. In fact, this will be the same game as we took to Historicon in 2005! In addition, there will be a special get you started box set for PBI.

If you get your order onto the PP shopping cart and use the code XL12, you will receive a 10% discount on whatever you are picking up at the Salute show.

Lastly, a thanks to the Warlords for putting on the biggest show in the world!!


Traders specials at Salute 2012 (20)

Warlord Games - TG12 -

This will be our fifth year at Salute and, once again, we want to make it bigger and better than ever. We will be at Stand No. GH23 & GH26 (for those who were at Salute last year, we are in the same spot). For newcomers to the show, just look dead ahead when you enter the hall and look for the Warlord Games banners toward the back.

The Battle of Bridgewater – a Pike & Shotte participation game
We will be hosting a game of Pike & Shotte – our big release at this year’s Salute. The Battle of Bridgewater is a ferocious clash between Lord Hopton’s Royalist army of the West and the Parliamentarian forces of Sir William Waller. Will The Royalist brush aside the beleaguered Parliament troops and push on for London, or will Waller’s men drive the cavaliers back to Cornwall?

Bolt Action – a preview game
We will also have a game of our upcoming WWII game, Bolt Action – a preview look of this game for the first time. This is looking to be a massive hit with WWII gamers looking for a platoon level 28mm game; come along and take a look at what is on the way.

What’s next?
This is also your chance to meet the Warlord Games team and ask us your questions. We’ll all be there, including Wojtek, our sculptor, who is being unchained from his desk for the day to show you his latest (and future) projects although we would ask you not to feed him (we’ve all seen what happens to Mogwai in the film Gremlins…)..
But we know you don’t just go to Salute to see the latest games and talk toy soldiers. You’ll want something to paint when you get home. So…
This Salute we will lots of new Warlord Games products for our Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Black Powder and Pike & Shotte ranges (including the new plastic WWII US Infantry, the first Warlord Games plastic scenery piece, The Ruined Hamlet, and a host of resin vehicles). We will also bring along loads of other product ranges such as The Army Painter, Sodapop Miniatures, Architects of War, etc.

Pike & Shotte
Our new Pike & Shotte rulebook is being launched at Salute this year. Pike & Shotte: Battles with model soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries, written by Steve Morgan, based on the hugely popular Black Powder by Rick Priestley.
Anybody buying the Pike & Shotte rulebook from us at Salute will also get the special edition King’s Guard ensign, Hugo Raleigh figure absolutely FREE!
Being unveiled to the public for the first time, the new rulebook will be available to buy on the day. Anyone who has placed a pre-order has the option of picking their copy up on the day instead of it being posted the day before. If you want to do this, please drop us a line at

Forthcoming releases
Not only will we have several unreleased projects for you to feast your eyes on but we’re also likely to have a small number of unreleased models available for you to get your eager mitts on so make sure you get to the Warlord stand early!

Salute Show Deals
We will be running a number of deals on the day, including:
• Buy 5 boxes or blisters and get the cheapest FREE
• New Army Deals for the Pike & Shotte release
• Bolt Action Army Deals
• We shall also be offering some cracking deals on the new Army Painter Warpaints

See you at Salute!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (19)

The Plastic Soldier Company - TH16 -

Fantastic Salute Pre-Order Offer!

As ever Salute will be wonderfully busy and we urge people to place pre-orders before the big day. To encourage pre-orders this year we have decided to make the amazing offer of a free vehicle sprue of your choice with every order over £30 of Plastic Soldier Company products. The only exceptions for the free sprue is the new 1/72nd Sherman M4A1 76 Wet and 15mm Panther.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer email us at before 20th April with your order and free sprue choice.

Will Townshend

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What are they bringing to Salute (2)

Critical Mass Games - TH04 -

This is one of the most striking 15mm boards I have seen in a long time...

...great figures, excellent set of rules and all round good guys as well. This is a game I'm really looking forward to seeing at the show.

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (18)

The Basement Forum - TF12 -

The Basement will be bringing three new busts to Salute... further information from:

Billman, Wars of the Roses.
Sculpted by Robert Lane
1/10th scale, £25

Sculpted by Chris Clayton
1/10th scale, £25

Doktor Krow
68mm Steampunk mini bust, £9.50

Monday, 9 April 2012

What are they bringing to Salute (1)

Maidstone Wargames Society - GD21 -

MWS are bringing a 6mm game of the British Airborne assault on the Orne River and Caen Canal bridges on D-Day - plenty of pictures of the terrain, the troops and the buildings, with loads of construction details.

And there's also a great time-lapse video of the building of the boards.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (17)

Hasslefree Miniatures - TA02 -

It's nearly that time again ...time to panic and try to cram an entire workshop into a van and drive south to London for our biggest show of the year. 'Salute' is held at the Excel Centre in Docklands and as well as seeing all of the gorgeous HF goodness up close and personal there might be a few other interesting stands to visit ( maybe just a few......although none as important or wonderful as us of course!)

PRE-ORDERS: From Monday 5th March the following code will be valid on the website until Monday 16th April 2012. SALUTEPREORDER

This code can ONLY be used if you plan on attending the show and will collect your pre-packed order there as this code will instruct the shopping cart to remove shipping charges and give you a choice of picking 1 of 4 FREE BONUS items to add to your order. Orders over £35 (excluding VAT) £42 including VAT will receive a FREE copy of the metal 'Statue of Liberty' figure plus when you collect your order at the show you will have a choice of 2 FREE sticker/decal sheets from a selection.

If you are going, then we are in our usual spot, Stand TA02. Never been to see us before? Don't worry we are easy to find. Go in through the main entrance and turn left then look straight ahead at the far wall directly in front of you. The big blue banner on the far left is us!

As usual we will have various promotions on the day including bonus multi-pack deals, limited stocks of unreleased figures and also free gifts with purchases including sample packs of new items from the 'Accessories' ranges.

If you cant make it, we are sorry to miss you but don't worry as we have a special bonus just for you. If you go onto the website from Thursday 19th April 2012 to Monday 23rd April 2012 and enter the code MAKEMEHAPPYSALLY at checkout you will get 10% off of your order value (before tax and shipping) plus a free copy of the metal 'Statue of Liberty' in your order on all orders over £35 (excluding VAT) and a FREE mystery additional item.

....that we only have some of the new releases available in limited quantities until after the show therefore the only way you might be able to guarantee getting some of the items is if you pre-order to collect at the show.

Can't remember whats new? That's okay, we have had so many releases this year that even I am struggling to keep up! Details will follow shortly of all of the latest releases that have gone up on the website over the last week including the new 40mm resin Kalee but a quick way to remind yourself is to log into the 'New Toys' section every few weeks.

Thanks for reading!
Sally :)

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (16)

Wayland Games - TG08 -

We at Wayland have 3 specials this year.

First please all check in your goody bags for a special voucher entitling you to a special gift should you spend over £10 on the Wayland stand.

Secondly if you spend £100 on the stand in a single purchase you will be given a £10 voucher for the Wayland webstore to be used against an order over £100. Limited to one per person.

And third, please look carefully on the store as we are launching a new range at the show that has not been available in the UK before.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Travel to Salute 2012

To plan your travel to Salute, have a look at the TfL website: shows the situation as it is now, but by setting Future Dates to the 21st April you can see what they have planned for us.

At present, there are no engineering works planned for the east of London. It looks like the DLR is okay to Custom House (Excel Centre) but one can never be 100%... so check the website again before the show!

Also, for those of you coming in for the weekend remember that London has the Marathon on Sunday, 22nd April...

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (15)

Testudo - TA31 -

"Testudo's Salute 15mm Offer: Army Packs for £80 or less"

For all those coming to Salute 2012, book your favorite 15mm army among those in our offer and visit the Testudo's stand to pick it up, saving the shipping expenses, too.

The Army Packs

French, Dutch or Spanish (2 available) – £80.00 GBP
1 pack mounted command TYC 201
1 pack foot command TYF 102
4 packs pikemen TYF 104-105
6 packs musketeers TYF 106-107-108-109
4 packs cuirassiers TYC 205-208
2 packs cavaliers TYC 210
2 packs mounted carbines TYC 211
2 packs artillery TYF 119-120
1 pack of 40 wired pikes TYP 3

Swedish or German (4 available) – £80.00 GBP
2 packs mounted command TYC 202-203
1 pack foot command TYF 101
4 packs pikemen TYF 104-105
6 packs musketeers TYF 106-107-108-109
6 packs cuirassiers TYC 205-206-207
2 packs mounted carbines TYC 211
2 packs artillery TYF 119-120
1 pack of 40 wired pikes TYP 3

English royalist or parlamentarian (2 available) – £80.00 GBP
1 pack mounted command TYC 202
1 pack foot command TYF 101
4 packs pikemen TYF 115
6 packs musketeers TYF 116-117-118
4 packs cuirassiers TYC 207-208
4 packs cavaliers TYC 210
2 packs artillery TYF 119-120
1 pack of 40 wired pikes TYP 3

Scottish covenanters (2 available) – £70.00 GBP
1 pack mounted command TYC 203
2 packs foot command TYF 101-102
4 packs pikemen TYF 111
6 packs musketeers TYF 112-113-114
4 packs cavaliers TYC 209-210
2 packs artillery TYF 119-120
1 pack of 40 wired pikes TYP 3

Scottish highlanders (2 available) – £50.00 GBP
1 pack mounted command H 1
1 pack foot command H 4
1 pack mounted dragoons H 2
1 pack mounted light lancers H 3
6 packs highlander warbands H 5-6-7
2 packs musketeers H 8-9
1 pack bowmen H 10
2 packs artillery H 11-12

Once gone, they're gone! Please, book them at or (contact form).
The Testudo stand at Salute 2012 will be the TA31

Happy Booking!
TESTUDO's staff

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (14)

Eureka Miniatures – TE 03 -

28mm ‘Modern’ Wars, Napoleonic vignette sets, and Samurai Rabbits! (all 28mm) – LAST CALL for Salute pre-orders! Time is fast running out for those who want to pick up new Eureka and AB Figures 15/18mm miniatures at Salute – and avoid all postage charges!

If prospective Salute customers can pre-order, Eureka would certainly recommend it because they can only bring limited stock all the way to London, so pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee you get everything you need. All orders for collection at Salute must reach Eureka by 10th April – at the latest, and if you are planning to submit a large order please do it NOW to avoid disappointment!

If you have been following Eureka’s previous announcements you will know that you can go to the Eureka website and pre-order the AB Figures Waterloo and 1792 Austrian ranges (15/18mm); and Eureka 1812 Saxon Heavy Cavalry (28mm).

Now, by way of final temptation, Eureka can offer their new (all 28mm) 1970’s Portuguese in Africa figures; SPG-9 73mm Recoilless Rifle with Afghan Guerrilla crew; Afghan Guerrilla casualties; US Navy SEAL Interim Fast attack Vehicle (IFVA) crew; Napoleonic vignette sets (Cantiniere and wagon with victuals, Field Bakery, Wheelwright - Sword Sharpeners – and.... The ‘Duellists’); and last but not least their Samurai Rabbits!
Go to the Eureka Miniatures website ( and look for the appropriate Salute announcement and updates under “News & Events” on the left hand side of the home page. There you will find further information and the links to the pre-order pages.

Nic Robson, Tony Barton and Rob Walter (our USA representative who is coming across The Pond for the show) are looking forward to seeing you everyone at Salute. Please come over and say hello!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Salute Tickets Closing Date 5th April 2012

Please be aware that Advance Ticket purchases through the Salute website has now closed.

We will be posting the last tickets off, in the next few days.

Many thanks for those who have purchased Advance tickets and we will see you all at the show.

You can still pay at the door.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (13)

Freebooter Miniatures - TC11 -

We've just opened the delivery from our caster and so we can confirm that our April release, Tecuani and her oncas, will be available at Salute. So in addition to chatting to us, playing demo games and being able to purchase our entire current product range, people will also be able to get their hands on these brand new miniatures at Salute.

There is a human Amazon handler and three cats (which is the maximum allowed in the game) and we will be selling Tecuani (the handler) and an onca (that's what we called the cats) in the same blister/bag, while another blister/bag will contain the other two oncas.

We might have some more as yet unannounced stuff at Salute, but since I haven't received official confirmation, I'm not going give you any more details so as not to disappoint anybody. I'll keep you posted, of course.

Bye for now

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (12)

Stafford Games - TK11 -

Stafford Games have a pre-order savings list up on their forum:

Games Workshop Dreadfleet rrp £70.00, pre-order £45.00, on the day £50.00.
Flames of War Red Bear rrp £30.00, pre-order £24.00, on the day £27.00.
Flames of War Grey Wolf rrp £30.00, pre-order £24.00, on the day £27.00.
Flames of War Cassino rrp £18.00, pre-order £14.00, on the day £16.20.
Flames of War Cassino Campaign Pack rrp £18.00, pre-order £14.00, on the day £16.20.
Flames of War Burning Empires Campaign Pack rrp £19.00, pre-order £15.00, on the day £17.10.
Flames of War Hellfire & Back rrp £30.00, pre-order £24.00, on the day £27.00.
War Machine Two Player Starter Set rrp £80.00, pre-order £50.00. on the day £55.00.
Mantic Fate of the Forge Star rrp £50.00, pre-order £32.50, on the day £37.50.
Heroclix Star Trek Starter Set & 12 Boosters rrp £68.00, pre-order £50.00, on the day £55.00.
Heroclix Star Trek 12 Boosters rrp £48.00, pre-order £37.50, on the day £42.50

Or follow this link

Prizes for games at Salute 2012

Those very nice people at the Wargames Holiday Centre have kindly donated a pair of free tickets to be given away at this years show. This is a really great prize - just go to their website to look at the games they put on. And so, we thought that these two tickets would make a great prize for the best game at the show.
We would like to thank the centre for this kind donation, and wish good luck to all the games at the show this year.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Charity Raffle!!!

We received the following from Jeremey Claridge (aka Germy) and felt it was well worth putting up on our Blog...

"On the 22nd April Germy's sister is running in the London Marathon and to help raise money for her choosen charity 'Great Ormond Street Hospital' I have decided to run a raffle. To enter the raffle you just need to follow these rules:

1. Make a donation to Germy's sister's 'Just Giving' page.
2. When making a donation you must include your e-mail address and enter the word 'Germy' in the message text.
3. For every £1 you donate your name will go in the hat for the draw. Donate £5 and your name goes in 5 times etc.
4. The draw will be made at the Salute show 21st April 2012 (I'll grab a passer by to make the draw). As I have two sets of the Frothers Angels Charity figures I will also draw a runner up prize to win one of those.
5. The Raffle closes at 9am GMT on the 20th April 2012

So what's the prize I hear you say. Thanks to donations from individuals and several companies I have a generous pile of miniatures to give away. The current pile consists of:


Traders specials at Salute 2012 (11)

Simple Miniature Games - TG04 -

“Simple Miniature Games will be doing their buy 3 get the 4th free deals on all the products on their stand this year so you can save 25%! This will include Infinity, Malifaux, Carnivale, Army painter, Hell Dorado, Tale of War, Avatars of War and Warmill scenery. The guys at SMG and Warmill have teamed up to put together a superb demo board for Infinity and they thought it would have been rude not to let you buy all the lovely scenery on the day! Watch this space for more details....”