Saturday, 29 March 2014

Maloma Miniatures is a brand new model firm introducing not only his own original range, but also distributing many indie, italian manufacturers as well.
Our company goal is to provide focused, quality ranges – all the products are crafted by dedicated specialists, resulting in a wide choice overall.
28mm Berezina 1812 (the “Grande Armée” retreat from Russia)
28mm Bloodbowl teams
15mm Battle of Hastings
15mm Great Admirals (Horatio Nelson…)
Historical-fantasy crossover characters (Undead pirates…)
Please note that for the first time we will attend the Salute 2014 exhibition, the most important wargaming fair in Europe… and the most distracting as well, for a reason!
We will be running 20% off all pre-orders that are ordered before the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t hesitate to drop us an email for any clarification you will need.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A promotional miniature will be offered to any customer placing a pre-order of 50€ or more on our web-store (please then enter the code "salute2014"in the commentary box, we reimburse you the shipping cost if necessary).
On the day, it will also be offered for purchases of £50 or more while stock lasts.
It will not be possible to buy it separately, there is a limited stock and once it's gone, it's gone.

The day of the Salute we propose you for the first time two new models (not available for pre-order)
- A tracked bike : the Ironhorse
- A Terror Bird cavalry

First sale specially for Salute !

Pictures on our blog :

Monday, 24 March 2014





The last date for buying tickets in advance for the UK will be Thursday 27th March. That gives the Post Office a fortnight to get it to you.
Salute doors open at 10:00 on Saturday 12th April 2014.
Tickets cost £10 each but if you buy 10 then we will add an 11th ticket free. 
Ticket are £11 on the door.
Up to two children up to the age of 16 can enter free with a paying adult; further children will be charged at £5 each. Unaccompanied under-16s will have to pay for their entry at full price. For safety, all under-14s must be accompanied by an adult. We do understand that paying for your kids' entry can cramp the amount of money you have available to spend with our traders, so hopefully this will help in a small way.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The South London Warlords took the final part of their Route 66 game to the Hammerhead show. The trilogy of games started at Salute 2013 link with the 36 foot long rush down the eponymous Route 66 to Clyde city by two detachments of Slammers and some allies. They only got to the outskirts of the city.


Colours in 2013 link saw the attack into Clyde city itself with a smaller game some half the size of the Salute game. In that scenario the Slammers had to park a vehicle out side of the main administrative offices of the city and they succeeded… just.
But – as so often happens in war – the territory gained was subsequently lost again and the Hammerhead game saw the Slammers retaking Clyde City with a pincer attack. This time – to make sure they didn't have to do this all over again – the Slammers needed to park a vehicle outside of three buildings in the city and they formed a pincer attack to do so.

The game took place at the excellent 'everything's a participation game' Hammerhead in it's new venue at the Cedric Hall Pavilion at Newark Showground and a jolly good time was had by all.

The game used the Ainsty Blowers, Khurasan based Antargran Army and Brigade based West Riding Yeomanry plus the usual assortment of buildings and terrain. It also featured a 'beta test' of a new Slammer's Token set to be released by Figures in Comfort which has an acrylic widget to mark all of the leadership points, damage results and weapon loss markings that you may want to use, plus two different sorts of explosions for destroyed (and completed vapourised!) vehicles.



Needless to say, the game used Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible rules. It also won a prize on the day, which was nice!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

We've got loads going on at Wayland this year. We have the largest stand at the show and have filled it with all sorts of great hobby activity and promotions. We have massive ranges for X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, Warhammer 40,000, Flames of War and Warhammer all with great discounts. We are also showcasing a number of other ranges as part of our strategy to bring harder to find products to the public. There's too much to really cover in one email so I'd like to start off by talking about introductory activity at Wayland this year.  

We are representing Privateer Press this year and have swarms of Pressgangers running demo games of Hordes and Warmachine for the crowds. We have a terrific promotion on the day where you buy any three blisters and get the cheapest for free. We have great introductory offers too with a free blister of your choice with any Battlegroup purchased and two free blisters with the Two Player starter game. Its a fantastic offer to get you started in Hordes and Warmachine. 

We have the gang at Knight Models demoing their Batman Miniatures game. You can grab your own piece of Gotham with a show-stopping introductory offer of 25% off the whole range! 

Corvus Belli are with us showcasing and demonstrating the Infinity game using some stunning terrain provided by Bandua. Not only that, in addition to our usual great prices on Infinity, we have further discounts on the starter sets as well as free starter rulebooks. There has never been a better time to get into Infinity!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

"Peachey Models in association with Beasts of War and assistance from
Power Armoured Metal, bring you Project ShadowStüg.
The charity project for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's
Charity and Help for Heroes Official. A one off Sculpted miniature, 2
Custom Tanks, and Infantry from the Mars Demonstration Korps will be
for sale at Stand TM01 at Salute 2014 on April 12th, come and say

A Blind auction will be held for the 2 tanks and the sculpted
miniature, bids accepted in advance and will close at 12 noon, as the
Chilling Wargamers Live Hangout starts at the stand. The winners will
be drawn at 2:30.

Photo's of the work in progress are available at and

Please email you blind bids to:

With the subject as either, ShadowStug, Toroton or Dr Krupp, then in
the message field please leave your name, phone number and blind bid.
eg. ShadowStug, Mr Bloggs, 0203 4567891, £200

Monday, 10 March 2014

have a Salute-specific special offer that we thought you might like
to put on your blog relating to our 15mm models - we're doing an offer
on buying any set of 15mm rules and getting a discount off any figures
or vehicles bought at the same time. Full details are on our blog : h

Amera Plastic Mouldings are offering a 10% discount for pre orders over £50 for collection at Salute. Take the chance to browse our range and pre-order by email. We can't promise to bring every item, so pre ordering is the best way to avoid disappointment and guarantee availability. Looking forward to meeting old and new customers on the day

Amera Plastic Mouldings are offering a 10% discount for pre orders over £50 for collection at Salute. Take the chance to browse our range and pre-order by email. We can't promise to bring every item, so pre ordering is the best way to avoid disappointment and guarantee availability. Looking forward to meeting old and new customers on the day

Salute 2014 Map & Info now downloadable

Salute 2014 map can be downloaded from the main website as a .pdf, over here

Trader stands & codes over here

Games/Clubs & codes are over here

Will you be there?

Friday, 7 March 2014

 We have just released  our game. Euphoria
the ultimate Reality Show begins. Our offers will be. 
Aprox 20% off In Euphoria and Resina Planet Blisters so prices will be: 
9 € = 6 GBP 
10€ = 7 GBP 
12€ = 8 GBP 
14€ =9 GBP 
Our English Euphoria Starter Pack will be down from 45 € to 30 GBP


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thundercloud Miniatures (
 will be offering a 15% discount to anyone who visits our stall on the day, including on the 3 new minis that we will be releasing at Salute

'Sneak peaks' of Models that we will be launching for
Warzone Resurrection at SALUTE. These will be on sale for the first time at
Salute 2014

DIRECT: 01202 489721
For our D-day Salute we’ll be running several deals on our ranges:
Malifaux – Buy 3 items and get a 4th thing free – we also have some metal crew boxes & blisters at 50% off
Infinity – Buy 2 starter armies and get the main rulebook free plus - Buy 3 items and get a 4th thing free on the whole range
BATMAN – Buy a Crew and a blister and we’ll give you another blister free - plus Buy 3 items and get a 4th thing free on the whole range
We’ll also apply the Buy 3 items and get a 4th thing free to anything else we bring too!
Plus we’ll be running D-day themed intro games for all the above – even BATMAN!!



Salute Offers

1) ANY of the new 11 colours of KR trays (custom or core formats) in a case for the same price as the core case product.


2) KR’s excellent show offer that if you buy any Kaiser Transport Bag, Aluminium case, or Backpack, then you can get an additional card case (including trays of any colour/format) for only £15.

These are for purchases at Salute (and any pre-orders for collection at Salute). Pre-orders for Salute need to be placed by the 4th April.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014




Marquee Model will have a 10% discount offer at our stand on Sails of Glory & Wings of Glory

Drop by for advice or just to chat with our friendly staff.

We look forward to meeting one and all - Thank you

Marquee Models

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The TROLL TRADER   will be buying second hand games workshop and warmachine models at SALUTE 2014 aswell as magic the gathering card collections. Could help to put some extra money in peoples pockets! They will also have some bargain laser cut scenery and paint racks alongside a huge amount of discounted clearance items from ranges such as Tor Gaming and Deep Wars. Reps from Spartan Games, Army Painter and Avatars of War will all be at our stand to talk about their range.

Monday, 3 March 2014


At Salute this year we will have some great deals on offer running the day of Salute only.


New Greek boxed sets £29.95 per box of 56 figures.

(These are new products and so single boxes will not be discounted)


However you can purchase multi box deals of the new sets at a discounted rate.


New Greeks 3 box deal £85.50 (28.50 per box)

New Greeks 5 box deal £140 (£28 per box)

New Greeks 7 box deal £189 (£27 per box)

New Greeks 10 box deal £255 (£25.50 per box)


Other Victrix boxed sets and basing system


Victrix Single boxes £19

2 box deal £51 (£17 per box)

5 box deal £80 (£16 per box)

7 box deal £105 (£15 per box)

10 box deal £140 (£14 per box)


Movement tray sets £11.50 per set

Base sets £7.50 per set.


Old Glory UK  will ,as previous Salutes, be running the "6 for5"  deal on all figure lines -

both those we bring and pre-orders..


Redoubt Enterprises


(orders collected on show day only)

Locomotive and tender for ACW or Sudan: £115 (normally £130). See website for full details

English Civil War Great Coach with crew of 4 ECW figures: £20 (normally £25). Suitable also for Three Musketeers
Longboat for 1740 – 1870 period with figures: £45 (normally £55).

ACW complete galloping gun team with limber and crew: £30 (normally £35)


Are  running a 20% off UK RRP discount for all of our customers who attend  Salute 2014

Andy Cooper and the team at West Wind/Forged in Battle are looking forward seeing you at Salute on Stand TA09!  Check out what's in store!
Call over and see Neil Betterton's superb terrain set up for the game on table GA08.  Neil will be running Empire of the Dead opposite the West Wind Stand.  Why not call over and join in the fun, play a quick game AND there's prizes to be won too!
West Wind will have all brand new Empire of the Dead Requiem product releases on display and for Sale at Salute, to include six more excellent full colour faction boxes to include, The Clickers, Order of the Dragon, 221B Baker Street, Nemesis Criminals, The Chinese Tong and Bedlam Brotherhood.  There’s lots of newly released characters for the game, The Inscrutable Tong, Professor Cavor, Steam Knight, to name but a few.   Call over and check them out in the flesh at the West Wind stand.  Good news too, these products will be included in the ‘Buy five choose a FREE pack’ Offer!  So great deals to be had on the day.
Not forgetting new products available from MERCS and, of course, new releases from our ever increasing Forged in Battle, 15mm WWII range of tanks and infantry.
Why not call over to enter our FREE prize draw to win £100 of product of your choice. 
Buy any 5 products from West Wind at Salute and choose a FREE one!  This Offer will be running throughout the day.  Call over and grab yourself a bargain!
So lots going on at the West Wind Stand! 
See you at Salute!
The West Wind Team

Sunday, 2 March 2014

SLW February Painting Competition

Good turnout for the SLW Competition, photographed by our own Roger Dixon (move over David Bailey). The competition is organised into 3 sections - Historical, Sci Fi/Fantasy, and Open (anything painted since the last competition, c 3 months apart). So here we have it:

Historical: "19th Century" Theme

Winner - British Infantry, Skh Wars - Des Darkin

US Cavalry - Ian Spence

15mm 1st US Sharpshooters - American Civil War - Mike Evans

Sci Fi / Fantasy: "Shock Troops" Theme

Winner "Gruntz" Shock Attack platoon - Roger Dixon

Prussian Clockwork War-Robots and wind-up men - Alan Patrick

Dark Angel Deathwing Command Squad - Paul Davies

Orks are always a shock - Mike Popay's....

...and Phil Portways - Boar Riders

Open Competition

Winner - Phil Portway's Knights Templar

Byzantine 12th century Kavllarioi - Alan Patrick

Shocking troops - Name TBA
Did I say 3 Sections? This time we tried a Terrain section too, and Phil Portway's Desert Dug-out won. It was the only entry however, but after a tough run off between it and a coffee stai on teh tablecloth, we gave it to Phil :)


 will be running the following special offers:-

1. Buy 4 PSC kits and get a fifth free
2. 30% of all 1/72nd 4Ground pre-painted MDF scenery
3. Other great deals to be announced on the day!

Saturday, 1 March 2014


Tritex Games will be running 10% off all pre-orders that are
ordered before the show.  In addition to this all the card and board
games we sell including Mantic Games Dreadball and Deathzone will be
priced at at least 20% off RSP at the show.



Our usual 10% preorder discount for orders collected at the show is already running.
It will be switched off the Tuesday before the show.
Code is
at the Peter Pig checkout.
Special offer from SphereWars (TK18):

Only during Salute'14, buying a Starter Pack of SphereWars and the Black Book
 with special prices, you get the Rules book for free
. Over a 30% discount!!!