Saturday, 31 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (10)

Salute Board Giveaway!

GCT Studios Ltd - TD01 -

With Salute just around the corner we've been thinking how we can entice you to our table on the day... Well as the title suggests we are going to give away one of our beautifully sculpted boards, representing the famous chess courts of Eddo. Every Bushido product purchased at our Salute table puts you in with a chance of winning the board, more products purchased will mean more chance of winning.
Here is a look at the courts before the raging turmoil of war struck...

And here you see Hiro and Hanso's last stand against the forces of evil... Come along on the day and see how Gordon has expertly crafted how the battle has impacted on the game board. Also Gordon will be revealing a brand new Bushido game board for you to come and have a demo at, see you there!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (9)

Eureka Miniatures – TE 03

28mm 1812 Saxon Heavy Cavalry and 15/18mm AB Figures 1792 Austrians – submit your pre-orders soon! As previously announced Eureka Miniatures will be traveling from Australia to attend and trade at Salute 2012.

Salute will mark the official launch of several new Eureka and AB Figures ranges, plus other show specials which can be pre-ordered for collection at the show (thus guaranteeing you get what you want, while avoiding all postage charges!)

Among the ranges on offer will be Eureka’s new 28mm Napoleonic Saxon Heavy Cavalry, representing both the Garde du Corps and Kürrassier-Regiment von Zastrow regiments at the moment of their finest hour – the storming of the Great Redoubt at the Battle of Borodino in 1812. Multiple variant poses are available in either dramatic charging, or more passive ‘at rest’ attitudes depending on the collectors whim.

1812 Saxon Garde du Corps, charging (28mm)
The smaller scale Austrians (15/18mm) are a new addition to Tony Barton’s superb AB Figures Napoleonic range, suitable for the Wars of the French Revolution from 1792 to 1798 (and beyond to the Marengo campaign of 1800 thanks to the slow pace of Austrian uniform replenishment). They can also be fielded for campaigns against the Ottoman Turks before 1792. The range incorporates Austrian and Hungarian infantry, Grenzers (including Grenzer sharpshooters and Seressaners), Dragoons, Hussars, Artillery and a staff set.

1792 Hungarian infantry (AB Figures 15/18mm) 
If prospective Salute customers can pre-order, Eureka would certainly recommend it because they can only bring limited stock all the way to London, so pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee you get everything you need. However all orders for collection at Salute must reach Eureka by 10th April – at the latest.

You can place your Salute pre-orders by going to the Eureka Miniatures website ( and look for the appropriate Salute announcement and updates under “News & Events” on the left hand side of the home page. There you will find further information and the links to the pre-order pages. Alternatively, to take you straight to the Saxon Cavalry pre-order page – simply go to – Or to take you straight to the AB Figures 1792 Austrian pre-order page – simply go to –

Keep an eye on Eureka’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, or the News & Events column on their website for further updates.

Remember – Salute orders need to be submitted to Eureka by the 10th April please – at the latest. For further information or clarification you can contact them at

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (8)

Victrix - TE13 -

I don't know if Napoleonics is your thing, but it's certainly hard to find a more impressively uniformed period. And having said that, Victrix have sent me their Salute 2012 news...

Victrix Limited are pleased to announce that we will be attending Salute 2012 and will be located at Stand TE13. We have a number of exciting announcements about our presence at Salute and these are detailed below.

New 54mm French Napoleonic French Grenadier and Voltigeurs 
We are really pleased to announce the release of 2 new 54mm sets at Salute 2012. Each set of Napoleonic French Grenadiers and French Voltigeurs contain 16 hard plastic multi part figures. Each set retails at £21.95 and anyone interested should come and see the 54mm Napoleonic participation we are running opposite our trade stand.

We will be running a fast play Napoleonic 54mm participation game at stand GE15 which will be located opposite our trade stand. This is not a single figure skirmish game but a full blown Divisional level game with large 24 man units in a heroic 54mm scale. The game will be an umpire controlled participation game played on some superb terrain. The rules are fast, bloody and great fun and suitable for all ages. Prizes will be awarded for great game play and spectacular acts of generalship and bravery. Prize winners will be decided by the umpire and his decision is final.

Salute Deals
We are running a several exciting and generous deals at Salute but please note that these are only available at Salute, this is very much a show special only.
  • Victrix single boxes £17.00 each
  • Victrix 3 box deal £48.00 (£16 per box)
  • Victrix 5 box deal £75.00 (£15 per box)
  • Victrix 7 box deal £98.00 (£14 per box)
  • Victrix 10 box deal £130.00 (£13 per box)
Victrix Metal Deals
We will be carrying our full range of metals at Salute and are delighted to offer our customers the offer of “Buy 4 packs get 1 free”.

Victrix Single Frames
For the first time Victrix are offering their customers the opportunity to buy single frames from our plastic figure ranges. These are only available direct from Victrix and will not be on offer to any of our trade customers. Therefore, if you want single frames you will have to come direct to Victrix.

Pre Orders
We will have limited space at Salute and will not be able to carry unlimited quatities of stock so we would encourage customers to place pre orders either by phone, e mail or via our shopping cart.

Future Projects
Victrix have a number of exciting projects underway and we will be revealing some of these at Salute 2012. Please visit our stand at TE13 to see these new projects.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (7)

Brigade Models Ltd - TD30 - 

Brigade Models have a new page on their website with information on their new releases for Salute 2012. If you want to know what the new shinys are, you're best going to the page at , which will be updated as the show . However, their general info bears repeating...

Show orders 
Orders to be collected at the show are always welcome, please e-mail us with your requirements and we'll have your items ready and waiting on the day. Orders for over £50 will get a 10% discount if you pay in cash on the day, or you can choose to pay in advance if you prefer - we'll send you an invoice which you can pay with either PayPal or a credit card.

Shapeways Items 
We have an ever-increasing number of 3D models on our Shapeways Store which are printed to order - we don't generally hold any stock. However, if you want to avoid postage costs, we are taking advance orders on these models - just e-mail us a list of your requirements. We will then order these from Shapeways, and you can collect them on the day. Because of the lead-time on Shapeways production, we must have any orders by the end of Sunday April 1st at the latest. You can either pay in advance or on the day - but please note that we can't offer any discount on Shapeways items. You will be able to see many of our Shapeways creations on the day at the Maidstone Wargames Society Pegasus Bridge game.

Credit Cards 
Time for a quick reminder about our credit card policy. Last year we decided to cancel our credit card machine as it was no longer paying its way - the fees we had to pay for four shows a year meant that it cost almost as much to have the facility as we took in card sales ! We do continue to take card payments, which we then process after the show via our PayPal account. We'll take your card details (we will also need the cardholder's address) and explain exactly how this works on the day. However, we would prefer cash or cheques instead if at all possible. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE NON-UK CARDS - sorry.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (6)

Jacques-Alexandre Gillois (J.A.G.) - TG14 - 

The original sculpt of this year's Salute Miniature, as well a the painted version, will be on display on my booth (TG14) along with other original sculpts for various ranges. And we (that's me, Jacques-Alexandre Gillois, and Thomas David) will be giving sculpting demonstrations there too.

Also, there might be a 'Salute special deal' and new releases from our very own, personal garage brands (that's Miniature Factory and Agora), but nothing confirmed yet.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (5)

Gateshead Gaming & Collectables - TD22 – 

This year we will be debuting the new additions to our 6mm buildings/terrain range, which are suitable for Epic 40K, Graviton, Future War Commander, Battle Tech and Mech Warrior. We will also be bringing along with us, as usual, a load of bargain miniatures and paint from several manufacturers, both new and second hand. If you want to sell or swap any of your miniatures or games to finance your Salute expenditure, come over and see us.

If you don’t want your free Salute 2012 miniature we would like a couple, call over and we will swap your figure for dice or figure bases.

Club painting competition - March 2012

Every quarter the Warlords has a painting competition for our members; no prizes, just a bit of fun.

Historical - this quarter's category was 'The French'

Fantasy and Sci-fi - the subject was 'Tank'

And finally the open competition - anything painted since the last competition...

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (4)

Eureka Miniatures - TE03 -

Eureka Miniatures at Salute, and the launch of the AB Figures 15/18mm Waterloo range
Eureka Miniatures will be travelling all the way from Australia to attend and trade at Salute 2012 in London on April 21st.

Salute will mark the official launch of several new ranges and additions to some old favourites, and now is the time to start thinking about pre-orders if you want to collect any of Eureka’s miniatures at the show. This will guarantee you get everything you want (Eureka can only transport limited quantities of stock to the UK and some items are bound to sell out fast) and the big bonus is you will AVOID all postage charges.

However – be warned – Eureka needs your pre-orders by the 10th April so they have time to get everything out to the UK in time for the show.

To kick things off Salute 2012 will mark the launch of the new AB Figures Waterloo 1815 range (Exclusive to Eureka and their representatives). Tony Barton’s superb range of 15/18mm Napoleonic miniatures is about to get even better. Tony Barton has been steadily working away on British in Belgic shakos, British Dragoons, Household Cavalry, Dutch-Belgians and many more since the middle of last year. Here are some details, and you can start pre-ordering these figures right NOW – for collection at Salute. 

So far Eureka can confirm –

British Line Infantry (in Belgic shako)
Scottish Highlanders (to augment the original range)
British Foot Artillery, covered Belgic shako
Belgian Cavalry

In the near future there will be details for RHA Rocket Troop, British Light and Heavy Dragoons (post 1812 uniform); Scots Greys and Household Cavalry – with many more to come.

Tony Barton will be in attendance on the Eureka Miniatures trade stand so why not pop along and have a chat about the Waterloo range and his future plans.

You can place your Salute pre-order for any of the above coded miniatures by going to the Eureka Miniatures website ( and look for the appropriate Salute announcement and updates under “News & Events” on the left hand side of the home page. There you will find the links to the pre-order pages – or to take you straight to the pre-order page, simply go to

More pictures and additions to the range will be added to the order pages as we go. Keep an eye on Eureka’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, or the News & Events column on their website for further updates.

Remember – Salute orders need to be submitted to Eureka by the 10th April please – at the latest.

For further information or clarification you can contact them at

Friday, 23 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (3)

Critical Mass Games - TH04 -

Critical Mass Games is excited to announce the release of four 1000pts Battle force sets for the Critical Mass rules.  Each of these forces provides a solid core infantry force with supporting vehicles which provide a challenging match up out of the box as well as being an excellent starting point for a much larger army.  Critical Mass is a 15mm Company level Sci-fi game which uses an alternate action system allowing you to play quick and intense battles.  As a special promotion for Salute anyone purchasing a Battle Force can also add a Rulebook for half its regular price of £12, down to just £6.

All four of the new Battle Forces will be available to play on the day and anyone who completes a Participation game can get a FREE rulebook or set of Kaamados Power Convertor Objectives with any Battle Force purchase.

We look forward to seeing you at Salute next Month and don't forget the Trade Stand will be in position TH04 and the Critical Mass participation games at position GX01 opposite the trade stand.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (2)

Westwind - TB09 -

Westwind Productions is set to launch its new game, Empire of the Dead!

A link to the PDF flyer for the game release...

The Lancashire based miniature and games design company behind the acclaimed Secrets of the Third Reich system, has announced that after two years of development the new and much anticipated gaming system is now ready for the gaming public to enjoy.

Set in a darkly Gothic Victorian London, the game pits factions from the forces of good and evil against each other, in a quest for power and influence. The game, which uses Westwind’s highly acclaimed range of 28 mm miniatures, includes an integrated campaign system. This enables players to pursue the aims of their faction through an almost infinite range of scenarios and settings.

Taking its cues from Bram Stoker, Conan Doyle and the rich canon of Gothic horror, whilst adding a strong dash of Steampunk; Empire of the Dead is set in a world where a mixture of myth, fable and technology take on a terrifying reality.

At launch the game will see a range of starter sets available for purchase along with special characters to help players grow and enhance their faction into an all conquering force.

Announcing the launch, Andy Cooper the creative director behind the new game at West Wind said, ‘The growth in skirmish games and the rich background of the Gothic Horror genre provide the perfect backdrop for Empire of the Dead. We wanted a game which enabled players to immerse themselves in the narrative of the game, whilst facing the tactical and strategic challenges that gamers demand’.

Check it out first at Salute 2012 where the rules and whole product range will be available from the West Wind stand. West Wind will be running an Empire of the Dead, participation game opposite their stand, so call over and join in the fun.

Pre-order the Rulebook now directly from West Wind (RRP £30.00) and you will receive Erazmus Jones, ‘Professor of the Uncanny’ Limited Edition pewter collectable miniature.

If you wish to reserve any products on this new range for collection at Salute, or indeed any other products from West Wind, please email your requirements to or call 01457 879330. West Wind will have your order ready to collect on the day from their Stand.

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (1)

With less than a month to Salute 2012, I have been receiving emails from some of our traders with details of their Salute releases and specials...

Troll Trader – TK04 –
TrollTrader will be buying second hand models on the day, if anyone has any Warhammer, 40k or epic armies tucked away in their cupboard and would like to bring them down and sell them to us giving them more money to spend on the day, I will be more than happy to barter. We will be bringing a selection of our website stock along.

Milicast – TD05 –
In addition to bringing our full stock of Battlefield Series WWII AFV's, etc., we will also have our Premiere Range of kits and figures and that we will be representing AB Figures and Solfig of France too at Salute.

Newline Designs – TC30 –
These products will not be added to our shopping cart until the 1st of May. Please order by email, full details of codes and prices available in our newsletter and May 2012 catalogue.
  • New 28mm Dark Age - Carolingian Infantry and Cavalry.
  • New 28mm Biblicals - Caananite Infantry and Chariots, Hammurabic Babylonions, Akkadians, Sumerians and Midianite Camelry.
  • New 28mm Napoleonic Naval Equipment - Fighting Tops, Figureheads, Steps and Anchors etc.
  • New 28mm 19th Century Miniatures - Colonials - Boers, Afghans, Sikh Sepoys and Bengal Lancers.
  • New 20mm Ancients - Spartans at Thermopylae.
  • New 20mm Colonials - British Sudan War Infantry, Gurkhas, Sikh Sepoys and Zulu War Lancers.
  • New 20mm Napoleonics - Russian Mounted Generals and Bavarian Infantry.
  • New 1/72nd Scale - Samurai Cavalry, British Sikh War Gun Crew and Gothic Heavy Cavalry.

  • 20mm Unit Packs - Normally 9.50 Each- Salute Special Price - £7.50
  • 20mm Standard Packs - Buy 4 Packs and Get the 5th (cheapest) Pack Free
  • 28mm Unit Packs - £20.00 Each or Buy 3 Packs at £18.00 Each or 4 or more packs for £16.00 Each
  • 28mm Standard Packs - Buy 3 Packs and Get the 4th (cheapest) Pack Free

Please pre-order to ensure we have what you require in stock on the day. These new products and special offers will only be available at Salute so if you choose to order via our online shopping cart(excludes new releases) select collect at show option or send us your order by email to  Thank you.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Salute tickets - closing date 5th April

Just a reminder that the tickets for Salute 2012 will come off sale on the 5th of April; that gives us time to get the last batches out and with you before the show.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

B&B at Salute 2012

Once again, our friends at SELWG are running the bring and buy sale at Salute. It's a great opportunity to clear out some of the extra stuff that's cluttering up your gaming space, and at the same to time, to bring in a bit of money to buy new stuff from the many traders at the show.

It's always a good idea to fill the form out in advance; it saves you time on the day and it makes the guys behind the stall much happier.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Club Night, Monday 12th March 2012

                   There was the quarterly Club painting Competition down the Club, as well as these games



                    Painting Competition entries being voted by all down the club (not just the entrants)


                                   Smallworld board game (included a prospective new member)


                                                     ACW using Black Powder rules


                                                                  WWII Naval


                                                                     40K Game


                                                                   Another 40K game


                                                                  6mm 40K Epic game


                                                Playtesting Rolling Scarlet Salute game


                                           6mm Napoleonic game using General de Brigade


                                                              Yet another 40K game


                                                                      and another.....
As you can see, there is a lot of prospective 40K players.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Scarlet Thunder - rolling on

The Captain Scarlet rolling road game came down to the club last week for a test run. The Mysterons have a new secret weapon. They may gain temporary control of a target without having to destroy it before hand and they are trying it out.The world president is racing to get to London Airport to whisk him off to safety in an MSV (a Maximum Security Vehicle) driven by Colonel White and is accompanied by a body guard of 4 SPVs and 4 Spectrum patrol cars. Four players run a team each of one SPV and one Patrol car. These are the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow teams.There is also a Spectrum helicopter - but who knows if it has been Mysteronised…

 Colonel White is about to retire - this is his last mission - and he has made it known that whoever performs well in this mission, he will consider him as prime material as his replacement.The objective for the players is to look good in the eyes of Colonel White and get his job! To do this they must help in this the current mission and get the President in the MSV off of the game board and out of danger. The player who succeeds in doing this is the winner and will surely be the next colonel in charge of cloudbase. If the president in the MSV is killed, the winner is the one to get to the airport first by getting off the end of the board. But - if a Mysteronised player manages to kill the World President and Colonel White, that will probably mean a big Martian medel when he gets back home!So: will it be Colonel Scarlet or Captain Blue? Or will Captain Ochre rise form obscurity or Lieutenant Green get rapid promotion? Or has a player been taken over by the Mysterons has an ulterior motive: to kill the President? Only you can tell…

Further information and many more pictures at