Saturday, 31 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (10)

Salute Board Giveaway!

GCT Studios Ltd - TD01 -

With Salute just around the corner we've been thinking how we can entice you to our table on the day... Well as the title suggests we are going to give away one of our beautifully sculpted boards, representing the famous chess courts of Eddo. Every Bushido product purchased at our Salute table puts you in with a chance of winning the board, more products purchased will mean more chance of winning.
Here is a look at the courts before the raging turmoil of war struck...

And here you see Hiro and Hanso's last stand against the forces of evil... Come along on the day and see how Gordon has expertly crafted how the battle has impacted on the game board. Also Gordon will be revealing a brand new Bushido game board for you to come and have a demo at, see you there!


Billiam Babble said...

Loving these photos. I must admit in all my years of ogling scenery there's rarely much that is memorable in the way of oriental settings - apart from the odd bridge or building, but these plazas are exquisite.

GCT Studios said...

Hey Billiam, that will be one of three boards we're bringing to Salute, come and have a look and say hello on the day :)