Thursday, 31 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 11

Show specials and new releases have been added to the Show Specials page for:

  • Testudo Miniatures - show specials

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Club Night 28/3/11

Some Games played Monday evening



Russian Civil War using Mud & Blood



A Sci-fi game using a mix of modern historical vehicles and sci-fi figs


40K Kill Team



15mm WWII Game



Monthly Party Game -Lord of the Ring 54mm

Dungeons and Dragons


Dust appeared tonight...


40K game


"Teachers corner" Adam teaches a new member how to play Warmachine


40K Kill Team


Uncharted Seas



First game of a Normandy mini-campaign





Warhammer Historical Trafalgar using 1/2400th ships

A podcast interview about Salute

Steve from the Overlords podcast contacted me about two weeks ago about the opportunity to use a side room at Salute to do some recording. They are bringing two games to the show, and we had a chat about what they were doing and what we were doing.

While we were chatting, he asked about recording a section on Salute, which we sorted out that evening. There is some discussion about the organisation of Salute, and about what is coming at the show. I've been told I have the perfect face for radio; however, here's the link to episode 41 of the Overlords podcast - a very enjoyable 40k and hobby discussion podcast.

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 10

Show specials and new releases have been added to the Show Specials page for:

  • Alternative Armies - new releases and a discount code for everyone to use between 25 March and 22 April
  • Magister Militum - new stock and pre-orders

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Salute wins Gold!

WAMP (, the online miniature painters' forum, has awarded Salute it's gold medal for best event in the Wamp Awards 2010.

Thanks guys, it takes a whole lotta time to organise and it's good to know that people still get a kick out of attending.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 9

Show specials and new releases have been added to the Show Specials page for:

  • Red Star Miniatures - carried by Empress, please pre-order
  • Twilight Miniatures - New releases
  • Critical Mass Games - 10% advance order discount.
  • Total Battle Miniatures - terrain available from 1st Corps at the show,

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 8

Show specials and new releases have been added to the Show Specials page for:

  • - new releases and a discount code for everyone to use between 25 March and 22 April
  • Brandlin - available from the Twilight stand
  • Jacques-Alexandre Gillois (J.A.G.) of Miniature Studio - sculpting and painting demos on his stand

Friday, 25 March 2011

Salute 2011 - last day for overseas tickets

Today (25th March 2011) is the last day to buy advance tickets for delivery to non-UK addresses. If you buy a ticket after this date, we will refund the money via PayPal (or simply not cash your cheque) rather than risk the tickets not arriving with you in time.

If you want tickets sent to a UK address, you have another week to get your order in... tickets available from the Salute 2011 page.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Salute 2011 - the Bring and Buy

Once again, our neighbours at SELWG are going to be running the huge B&B stand at Salute.

The registration form is available online for anyone who wants to be sensible and organised by getting it all filled out in advance.

This is a great opportunity to get rid of some of the excess lead and plastic that's cluttering up your home, and also to grab a bargain. Not forgetting, the chance to fund all those shiny new toys you're bound to be buying!

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 7

Show specials and new releases have been added to the Show Specials page for:

  • Gripping Beast - new figures and big demo/party games
  • Perry Miniatures - new figure releases
  • Great Escape Games - new rule set release

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hey, what's in the bag?

So far we have the following confirmed for the 2011 Salute bag:

  • The Salute 2011 figure, from the South London Warlords
  • A K-Lite carrying bag, from KR Multicase
  • A VW Beetle from Heroics & Ros
  • Dice from eM4
  • The show programme
  • Flyers from (alphabetically) Geek Nation Tours, Heroes & Legends, Maelstrom Games and Osprey.
  • And of course, the bag itself, made of high quality plastic stuff, and emblazoned with the logos of (also alphabetically) Maelstrom Games, Miniature Wargames and Wayland Games

We are still talking to other traders, but so far, that's your lot.

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 6

Show specials and new releases have been added to the Show Specials page for:

  • Old Glory UK - new figure releases

and an update for Brigade Models regarding their show discount...

Monday, 21 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 5

Show specials and new releases have been added to the Show Specials page for:

  • Forgeworld
  • KR Multicase
  • Crooked Dice Game Design
  • Brigade Models
  • Magnetic Displays and Coritani

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Salute 2011 - The Kaiser Rushforth K-Lite

I have received this fantastic email from KR Multicase today. This has been bubbling for a while (The Overlords podcast mentions it in number 39) but I have waited for the official announcement...

KR Multicase, the K-Lite, and Salute 2011

KR have been working on new cases to suit all wargaming miniatures and are pleased to announce their latest transport case - the K-Lite.

This supplements the Kaiser range of bags which carry the card KR Multicases and provides a unique and economical transport solution.

KR have teamed up with the Salute 2011 show organisers to give a K-Lite free to the first 5000 show attendees on the 16th April. Yes, that’s right - if you visit the Salute 2011 show you will get a brand new transport bag from KR !

The K-lite complements the extensive range of interchangeable trays and cases from KR. This durable and waterproof bag has a secure overlapping lid to protect your card case plus a shoulder strap.

The K-lite holds one card KR Multicase along with a rule book or accessory case, or even your sandwiches!

A single case can easily carry a 1500 point army as a combination of vehicles, monsters or cavalry plus troops or simply carry two hundred 28mm figures in complete safety - the choice is yours! The K-Lite is suitable for all GW armies, you can interchange the case with core or custom trays to suit your particular armies needs.

New custom trays to suit many more GW armies will be released soon.

The K-Lite is available on the KR website priced at just £14.99, and with a KR Multicase and your choice of core trays inside for only £29.99 including UK postage. (The EU and US prices will be announced shortly).

And don’t forget if you are going to Salute 2011 the first 5000 show attendees will get a K-Lite free in the Salute Goody Bag !

KR Multicase - the complete storage and transport system – soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam!

Remember that you can keep up to date with KR products and news easily on Facebook. Become a fan of the KR Multicase page from here.

Many thanks


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 4

Show specials and new releases have been added to the blog page for:

  • Conquest Games
  • Warbases
  • Victrix Limited

And a longer list from Empress...

Empress Miniatures.

Empress Miniatures are pleased to announce a significant number of products across most of their current ranges.

First off is a brand new range for the Maori Wars, 1845/6. Sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks, the release will be around 40 figures and covering British infantry and militia, civilians, and a naval rocket unit fighting against the tongue poking, heavily tattooed, Maoris.

Our Zulu War range gets some much needed reinforcements with the release of a RA Gatling guns and a command group including M’Lord Chelmsford, Crealock and the reporter NOGs. Also some more packs of Boers, this time dismounted.

Onto our ultra moderns and we will have some brand new very bad guys to support the Taliban forces as well as about 16 new British infantry. Sculpted by Tony Boustead in the most incredible detail possible these figures are really amazing. Even if you do not wargame the period come and have a look at the figures.

Staying in the Modern Zone please keep your eyes open for the new release of the Osprey / Ambush Alley rules and scenario books. Truly excellent publications and to make the offer more tempting we will be offering a very special offer alongside our friends from Osprey. Further news on this nearer the time.

Back to more new projects and we will have the first packs of our new 20mm WW2 Battle of the Bulge winter US army figures.

Other than this we will have a pack of goats and donkeys to add to your scenarios as we continue to develop Pauls Farm.

Lastly it is worth pointing out that we were incredibly busy last year with customer three deep at the stand most of the day. If you want to be sure of getting your toys on the day please contact us about pre ordering. Please also remember we only take cash on the day.

See you on stand TA28, its at the back of the hall. Look for the Empress banner.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Club Night Games 14th March 2011

Some of the games played on a usual Club night.

WWII 20mm Rapid Fire game

Two Blood Bowl practise games (A League is about to commence)

Napoleonic game using General de Brigade

Something Mythical and Greek...

One of several 40k Games

Warhammer Fantasy

40K Kill Team game

Hammer Slammers game in 15mm

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 3

Show specials and new releases have been added to the blog page for:

  • Figures in Comfort
  • Lesley's Bits Box
  • and an update from Black Hat
More tomorrow... probably

Salute 2011 - calling all podcasters

If you are intending to bring your podcast recording equipment to Salute next month, get in touch with us. We have secured several small rooms off the main show space for our use. They usually get used for things like changing rooms for the re-enactors, but (assuming there is some interest) we thought it would be useful to offer one to the podcasters to use during the day. It's not large - enough room for a table and some chairs - but it's enough to let you sit somewhere quiet to do an interview.

If this would be of use to you, contact me (colin.hagreen(at) with your details and the details of your podcast and I will add you to the list of people with access.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals 2

Show specials and new releases have been added to the blog page for:

  • Magister Militum
  • Stafford Games
  • Front Rank
  • Timecast Models
  • Mongoose Publishing
I have promises of information from another three traders still to come...

Salute 2011 - Battlefront

The Battlefront group of companies will be out in force again at this year’s Salute, and, as in previous years, our focus will be on showcasing a range of participation games which will be both visually great to look at and fun and exciting to play in. Whether you are a Flames of War veteran, would like introducing to the game, or just want to call over for a look at some great games and a chat with the Battlefront staff, we will make sure you are made welcome and have great fun at the Battlefront Salute 2011 stand.

It couldn’t be simpler - 3 American Sherman tanks versus 2 German StuGs. Come and play your first game of Flames of War. Our friendly staff will guide you through your boot camp in a matter of minutes and, before you know it, you will be having fun dodging shells and blowing up Panzers in the fields of Normandy.

Love the smell of Napalm in the morning? Then we’ve got some great tabletop action for you - come and join in with a game of Flames of War: Vietnam. Using the ‘Contact! Contact!’ scenario from your free Tropic Lightning Intelligence Handbook, you can either command a team of US troops as they valiantly race to rescue the crew of a downed helicopter, or launch your Tieu Doan Bo Binh Vietnamese infantry in an ambush against the foreign invader.

Get behind the wheels of a WWII Armoured Train and ride the rails as it steams through the Polish countryside, guns blazing, in a pitched battle against the German 4. Panzerdivision. This game of Flames of War: Blitzkrieg is based on the ‘Cavalry against Panzers’ article from WI281, set during the German invasion of Poland, and it’s a great introduction to the Early War period.

This year’s Wargames Illustrated Game takes us to the beaches and killing grounds of Gallipoli. This stunningly sculpted terrain board has been designed in association with Grand Manner and features a level of detail rarely seen on a wargames table. As well as being a great spectacle, our Gallipoli table will be buzzing all day with wargaming participation action. Dave Bodley of Grand Manner will be on hand to talk spectators their the construction process of the truly amazing board.

Construction of the 12' x 5' table nears completion...


Club 40k Tournament 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Tournament 2011

As you are probably aware, Mike has decided to take a break from organising our annual 40K tourney this year, after having done it for the past eight years or so. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mike for his past efforts . it's always been fun! Anyway, being the only other 40K player in range when he first mentioned this, it somehow now falls to me to keep the tradition going. So without further ado, I give you the South London Warlords Warhammer 40,000 Tournament 2011! Though I should warn all potential players right from the start that things will be a little different this year (a new broom and all that)

The Tournament will be played over six rounds, with approximately four or five weeks being allowed for each round. (Specific deadlines will be announced along with each draw.) If you can not commit to playing one game a month for the duration of the tournament please don't waste my time or other competitor's time by signing up.

Players should provide a typed army list at least one week before the start of the Tournament to allow for validation. The armies shall be of no more than 1750 points and must be taken from the latest current GW Codex and must follow the standard Force Organisation Chart. In addition, players will be allowed one (and only one) 'regular' Forgeworld vehicle or unit i.e. not Super Heavy Vehicles, Gargantuan Creatures, Flyers etc. These must be taken from either White Dwarf or the printed Forgeworld Imperial Armour books (not 'experimental rules' taken from the GW or Forgeworld Web Site) If in doubt, please check with me before including your vehicle/unit in your army. No other lists will be allowed. Players will be expected to use the exact same army list for the duration of the Tournament.

Each round will have a specific scenario which will be sent out along with the draw. These scenarios will NOT be available in advance and will only be sent out at the start of each round. The scenarios being used will be taken from a number of sources such as the Battle Mission Expansion Book, GW web site, my own fevered imagination, etc, etc. The Attacker/Defender, Victory Conditions (such as Kill Points, Objectives, etc.), and any Special Rules being used will vary from round to round. It is also entirely possible that some scenarios may favour one type of army over another (i.e. 'Gun Line Armies' or 'Close Assault Armies') this is entirely deliberate on my part, so suck it up soldier!! As such, it would be advisable to make your army as 'balanced' as possible to ensure you have the best chance of achieving the varied victory conditions for each scenario.

Obviously, all games will be played using the current 5th Edition rules (subject to official GW errata and FAQs). The official rules errata and FAQ are available from the Games Workshop web site. I strongly suggest that you gain access to these documents. Players are free to use any 'House Rules' they wish (4th Edition 'Line of Sight' springs to mind; hint, hint!) as long a both players agree before the start of the game. Also please make sure both sides agree on the terrain and its effects on the game before you start.

Please try and ensure that your army presents a 'WYSIWYG' . 'what you see is what you get' look as much as possible. Excessive use of proxies, incomplete models, substitutes (such as bases) and 'counts as' models that are substantially different from that which they are intended to represent will not be allowed. All armies should be painted, ideally before the start of the tournament, but at the very least, by the end. Any incomplete or unpainted figures or vehicles WILL be subject to certain penalties in the final scenario (You have been warned!). 'Painted' for these purposes means at least three or four main colours and suitably based.

The number of Tournament Points players receive for each game will depend on the scenario being played and the level of victory/defeat. Some rounds may be worth more Tournament Points than others; the number of points each player receives for each round will be detailed on the scenario sheet, along with any bonus points that may be available. In addition to the various Victory Conditions set out in each scenario, players will also be required to take note of the number of Kill Points (KPs) scored every round. Players score 1 KP for each unit, independent character, monstrous creature or vehicle destroyed or fleeing at the end of the game, and . KP for each unit reduced to 50% or less of its starting strength, each independent character or monstrous creature reduced to half or less of its starting number of wounds or each immobilised vehicle. Unless the scenario says different, these Kill Points will not go towards the players Tournament Points, but will be used to break any ties on the leader board.

All results should be either written down and handed to me on any Monday night or alternatively e-mailed to me. It is no good wandering over at the end of a club night and just telling me about it. I WILL have forgotten all about it by the time I get out of the hall, no matter how exciting you may think the result is! Results handed in after the deadline for each round will NOT count, and both players will score zero for that round. If for any reason you are unable to play a particular round before the deadline, please let both me and your opponent know at least a week before the deadline. Anytime later than that is just bloody rude and you will receive zero points regardless of the reason.
After all six rounds have been completed; there will hopefully be a small prize for the winner/runner up and also for 'Best Painted Arm'. In the case of a dispute, the tournament organiser's decision is final and no discussion will be entered into (even if I am completely and utterly wrong) so there!!

If you wish to participate, please get your typed Army List along with your Name, Contact Phone Number, Alternative Phone Number, and Email Address to me by Monday 28th March. Hopefully, the first round matches will be announced the following Monday (4th April) to be completed by 9th May (Though this may have to slide a little due to the Bank Holidays). All draws, results, scenarios and tournament standings will be sent out via email and/or posted on the Warlords Forum each month. Of course I wouldn't exclude anyone from taking part if they don't/won't/can't use either or both of these methods to communicate, but it would make my life MUCH easier if you can. Thanks.

Good Luck everybody!
Paul Davies

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Salute 2011 - new releases and deals

Show specials and new releases have been added to the blog page for:

  • Antenciti's Workshop
  • Milicast Model Company
  • Progressive Engineering Solutions Ltd
I'm hoping to update the list regularly, as traders come back to me, so keep looking...

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Salute 2011 - Black Library

This year we are very pleased to welcome Black Library to our show. They, along with Forgeworld, will be flying the flag for Games Workshop.

We have been told that there will be five of their authors at the show - Chris Wraight, Nick Kyme, Andy Hoare, Gav Thorpe and Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Which is quite a collection of talent, when you look at it!

Now, where's that copy of The First Heretic...?

[edit] This has now changed - the authors attending are now Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Chris Wraight and James Swallow. Still talented, just fewer of them... and I still want to get that book signed![/edit]

Salute 2011 - Project Hougoumont

Carl King is the wargames representative for Project Hougoumont, and he has organised a raffle from their table at Salute to raise much needed funds for the restoration of the buildings on the battle site.

The list of prizes so far is as follows:

1 x 5 boxes of Victrix British Napoleonic figures
1 x 5 boxes of Victrix French Napoleonic figures
1 x 3 boxes of Perry Miniatures napoleonics
1 x 3 boxes of Perry Napoleonic figures
1 x 15mm complete Hougoumont model donated by Hovels for Models
1 x KR multicase item
1 x computer game and dvd combo
1 x voucher for scenery from Grand Manner
2 musket balls actually fired at the battle of waterloo
some waterloo based prints
a pack of wargaming items donated by Renedra plastics
some model items donated by 'Models For sale - Raunds Ltd.'

There may be others to be added, and there should also be some limited edition t-shirts for sale as well.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Complete ComPost

Command Post is the club magazine of the South London Warlords. It is one of the benefits of membership of the club, and is put out 3-6 times a year depending on the amount of shouting the editor is willing to do!

Since we now have a blog, I am going to upload older copies of the magazine... as always with PDFs in GoogleDocs, you should choose File>>Download Original to get better quality. I will gradually upload more magazines for readers, but generally they will be at least 6 months behind the latest issue.

They are on the ComPost page in the title bar... enjoy!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Advance warning for advance tickets

The closing date for advance tickets will be the 25th March 2011 for sales to overseas addresses and the 1st April for sales to UK addresses. After this date we will be removing the link from the website and the blog.

The link can be found on the 'Salute 2011' page...

Don't miss out; last year we had people emailing us on the Friday before the show to ask why we'd removed the link!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Charities at Salute 2011

This year, there will be two groups collecting at Salute. Please consider throwing the price of a blister pack into their collecting buckets; they are both deserving causes in their very different ways.

Project Hougoumont
Project Hougoumont is a heritage project to save the Hougoumont Farm on the site of the 1815 Battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium. Its aim is to ensure that the site is sound and intact for the long–term future, with a view to attracting and educating more visitors.

The South Gate of Hougoumont

Help for Heroes
Help for Heroes was founded by Bryn and Emma Parry in October 2007 out of a desire to help the wounded Servicemen and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. The message of the charity is simple: We are strictly non political and non critical; we simply want to help. We believe that anyone who volunteers to serve in time of war, knowing that they may risk all, is a hero. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and some of them are living with the consequences of their service for life. We may not be able to prevent our soldiers from being wounded, but together we can help them get better.

The London Marathon team

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Re-enactors at Salute 2011

The Southern Skirmish Association

...The Southern Skirmish Association or SoSkAn as it is most commonly known is a group of keen American Civil War enthusiasts, and are the longest established American Civil War Re-enactment and Living History Society in the United Kingdom.

43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry a re-enactment group portraying the 43rd Regiment of Foot—The Monmouthshire Light Infantry.

Thamesreach (SCA) the London, UK branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, also known as the SCA. The SCA is an international organisation dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe.

UK Garrison

…Star Wars Storm Troopers are at Salute again this year, they will be marshalling the queues again so you best behave!!

Firepower Museum

...a living history team for the Firepower Museum based in the Woolwich Arsenal will be at the show.

NB - photos may not be very indicative of what the groups will bring along... especially in the case of the Woolwich Arsenal!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Salute Mug

Here it is, hot out of the kiln


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Salute 2011 show layout - revision H

That's right - the 8th version of the plan.

There's a Google Docs link here, though you'll have to download the original file ('File', 'Download Original') to be able to read much of the text... but PaD has worked very hard on it, so go ahead and take a look.

See you in a few weeks!