Thursday, 22 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (1)

With less than a month to Salute 2012, I have been receiving emails from some of our traders with details of their Salute releases and specials...

Troll Trader – TK04 –
TrollTrader will be buying second hand models on the day, if anyone has any Warhammer, 40k or epic armies tucked away in their cupboard and would like to bring them down and sell them to us giving them more money to spend on the day, I will be more than happy to barter. We will be bringing a selection of our website stock along.

Milicast – TD05 –
In addition to bringing our full stock of Battlefield Series WWII AFV's, etc., we will also have our Premiere Range of kits and figures and that we will be representing AB Figures and Solfig of France too at Salute.

Newline Designs – TC30 –
These products will not be added to our shopping cart until the 1st of May. Please order by email, full details of codes and prices available in our newsletter and May 2012 catalogue.
  • New 28mm Dark Age - Carolingian Infantry and Cavalry.
  • New 28mm Biblicals - Caananite Infantry and Chariots, Hammurabic Babylonions, Akkadians, Sumerians and Midianite Camelry.
  • New 28mm Napoleonic Naval Equipment - Fighting Tops, Figureheads, Steps and Anchors etc.
  • New 28mm 19th Century Miniatures - Colonials - Boers, Afghans, Sikh Sepoys and Bengal Lancers.
  • New 20mm Ancients - Spartans at Thermopylae.
  • New 20mm Colonials - British Sudan War Infantry, Gurkhas, Sikh Sepoys and Zulu War Lancers.
  • New 20mm Napoleonics - Russian Mounted Generals and Bavarian Infantry.
  • New 1/72nd Scale - Samurai Cavalry, British Sikh War Gun Crew and Gothic Heavy Cavalry.

  • 20mm Unit Packs - Normally 9.50 Each- Salute Special Price - £7.50
  • 20mm Standard Packs - Buy 4 Packs and Get the 5th (cheapest) Pack Free
  • 28mm Unit Packs - £20.00 Each or Buy 3 Packs at £18.00 Each or 4 or more packs for £16.00 Each
  • 28mm Standard Packs - Buy 3 Packs and Get the 4th (cheapest) Pack Free

Please pre-order to ensure we have what you require in stock on the day. These new products and special offers will only be available at Salute so if you choose to order via our online shopping cart(excludes new releases) select collect at show option or send us your order by email to  Thank you.

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