Thursday, 29 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (9)

Eureka Miniatures – TE 03

28mm 1812 Saxon Heavy Cavalry and 15/18mm AB Figures 1792 Austrians – submit your pre-orders soon! As previously announced Eureka Miniatures will be traveling from Australia to attend and trade at Salute 2012.

Salute will mark the official launch of several new Eureka and AB Figures ranges, plus other show specials which can be pre-ordered for collection at the show (thus guaranteeing you get what you want, while avoiding all postage charges!)

Among the ranges on offer will be Eureka’s new 28mm Napoleonic Saxon Heavy Cavalry, representing both the Garde du Corps and Kürrassier-Regiment von Zastrow regiments at the moment of their finest hour – the storming of the Great Redoubt at the Battle of Borodino in 1812. Multiple variant poses are available in either dramatic charging, or more passive ‘at rest’ attitudes depending on the collectors whim.

1812 Saxon Garde du Corps, charging (28mm)
The smaller scale Austrians (15/18mm) are a new addition to Tony Barton’s superb AB Figures Napoleonic range, suitable for the Wars of the French Revolution from 1792 to 1798 (and beyond to the Marengo campaign of 1800 thanks to the slow pace of Austrian uniform replenishment). They can also be fielded for campaigns against the Ottoman Turks before 1792. The range incorporates Austrian and Hungarian infantry, Grenzers (including Grenzer sharpshooters and Seressaners), Dragoons, Hussars, Artillery and a staff set.

1792 Hungarian infantry (AB Figures 15/18mm) 
If prospective Salute customers can pre-order, Eureka would certainly recommend it because they can only bring limited stock all the way to London, so pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee you get everything you need. However all orders for collection at Salute must reach Eureka by 10th April – at the latest.

You can place your Salute pre-orders by going to the Eureka Miniatures website ( and look for the appropriate Salute announcement and updates under “News & Events” on the left hand side of the home page. There you will find further information and the links to the pre-order pages. Alternatively, to take you straight to the Saxon Cavalry pre-order page – simply go to – Or to take you straight to the AB Figures 1792 Austrian pre-order page – simply go to –

Keep an eye on Eureka’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, or the News & Events column on their website for further updates.

Remember – Salute orders need to be submitted to Eureka by the 10th April please – at the latest. For further information or clarification you can contact them at

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