Friday, 23 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (3)

Critical Mass Games - TH04 -

Critical Mass Games is excited to announce the release of four 1000pts Battle force sets for the Critical Mass rules.  Each of these forces provides a solid core infantry force with supporting vehicles which provide a challenging match up out of the box as well as being an excellent starting point for a much larger army.  Critical Mass is a 15mm Company level Sci-fi game which uses an alternate action system allowing you to play quick and intense battles.  As a special promotion for Salute anyone purchasing a Battle Force can also add a Rulebook for half its regular price of £12, down to just £6.

All four of the new Battle Forces will be available to play on the day and anyone who completes a Participation game can get a FREE rulebook or set of Kaamados Power Convertor Objectives with any Battle Force purchase.

We look forward to seeing you at Salute next Month and don't forget the Trade Stand will be in position TH04 and the Critical Mass participation games at position GX01 opposite the trade stand.

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