Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Traders specials at Salute 2012 (8)

Victrix - TE13 -

I don't know if Napoleonics is your thing, but it's certainly hard to find a more impressively uniformed period. And having said that, Victrix have sent me their Salute 2012 news...

Victrix Limited are pleased to announce that we will be attending Salute 2012 and will be located at Stand TE13. We have a number of exciting announcements about our presence at Salute and these are detailed below.

New 54mm French Napoleonic French Grenadier and Voltigeurs 
We are really pleased to announce the release of 2 new 54mm sets at Salute 2012. Each set of Napoleonic French Grenadiers and French Voltigeurs contain 16 hard plastic multi part figures. Each set retails at £21.95 and anyone interested should come and see the 54mm Napoleonic participation we are running opposite our trade stand.

We will be running a fast play Napoleonic 54mm participation game at stand GE15 which will be located opposite our trade stand. This is not a single figure skirmish game but a full blown Divisional level game with large 24 man units in a heroic 54mm scale. The game will be an umpire controlled participation game played on some superb terrain. The rules are fast, bloody and great fun and suitable for all ages. Prizes will be awarded for great game play and spectacular acts of generalship and bravery. Prize winners will be decided by the umpire and his decision is final.

Salute Deals
We are running a several exciting and generous deals at Salute but please note that these are only available at Salute, this is very much a show special only.
  • Victrix single boxes £17.00 each
  • Victrix 3 box deal £48.00 (£16 per box)
  • Victrix 5 box deal £75.00 (£15 per box)
  • Victrix 7 box deal £98.00 (£14 per box)
  • Victrix 10 box deal £130.00 (£13 per box)
Victrix Metal Deals
We will be carrying our full range of metals at Salute and are delighted to offer our customers the offer of “Buy 4 packs get 1 free”.

Victrix Single Frames
For the first time Victrix are offering their customers the opportunity to buy single frames from our plastic figure ranges. These are only available direct from Victrix and will not be on offer to any of our trade customers. Therefore, if you want single frames you will have to come direct to Victrix.

Pre Orders
We will have limited space at Salute and will not be able to carry unlimited quatities of stock so we would encourage customers to place pre orders either by phone, e mail or via our shopping cart.

Future Projects
Victrix have a number of exciting projects underway and we will be revealing some of these at Salute 2012. Please visit our stand at TE13 to see these new projects.

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