Saturday, 12 March 2011

Salute 2011 - Project Hougoumont

Carl King is the wargames representative for Project Hougoumont, and he has organised a raffle from their table at Salute to raise much needed funds for the restoration of the buildings on the battle site.

The list of prizes so far is as follows:

1 x 5 boxes of Victrix British Napoleonic figures
1 x 5 boxes of Victrix French Napoleonic figures
1 x 3 boxes of Perry Miniatures napoleonics
1 x 3 boxes of Perry Napoleonic figures
1 x 15mm complete Hougoumont model donated by Hovels for Models
1 x KR multicase item
1 x computer game and dvd combo
1 x voucher for scenery from Grand Manner
2 musket balls actually fired at the battle of waterloo
some waterloo based prints
a pack of wargaming items donated by Renedra plastics
some model items donated by 'Models For sale - Raunds Ltd.'

There may be others to be added, and there should also be some limited edition t-shirts for sale as well.

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