Monday, 14 March 2011

Club 40k Tournament 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Tournament 2011

As you are probably aware, Mike has decided to take a break from organising our annual 40K tourney this year, after having done it for the past eight years or so. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mike for his past efforts . it's always been fun! Anyway, being the only other 40K player in range when he first mentioned this, it somehow now falls to me to keep the tradition going. So without further ado, I give you the South London Warlords Warhammer 40,000 Tournament 2011! Though I should warn all potential players right from the start that things will be a little different this year (a new broom and all that)

The Tournament will be played over six rounds, with approximately four or five weeks being allowed for each round. (Specific deadlines will be announced along with each draw.) If you can not commit to playing one game a month for the duration of the tournament please don't waste my time or other competitor's time by signing up.

Players should provide a typed army list at least one week before the start of the Tournament to allow for validation. The armies shall be of no more than 1750 points and must be taken from the latest current GW Codex and must follow the standard Force Organisation Chart. In addition, players will be allowed one (and only one) 'regular' Forgeworld vehicle or unit i.e. not Super Heavy Vehicles, Gargantuan Creatures, Flyers etc. These must be taken from either White Dwarf or the printed Forgeworld Imperial Armour books (not 'experimental rules' taken from the GW or Forgeworld Web Site) If in doubt, please check with me before including your vehicle/unit in your army. No other lists will be allowed. Players will be expected to use the exact same army list for the duration of the Tournament.

Each round will have a specific scenario which will be sent out along with the draw. These scenarios will NOT be available in advance and will only be sent out at the start of each round. The scenarios being used will be taken from a number of sources such as the Battle Mission Expansion Book, GW web site, my own fevered imagination, etc, etc. The Attacker/Defender, Victory Conditions (such as Kill Points, Objectives, etc.), and any Special Rules being used will vary from round to round. It is also entirely possible that some scenarios may favour one type of army over another (i.e. 'Gun Line Armies' or 'Close Assault Armies') this is entirely deliberate on my part, so suck it up soldier!! As such, it would be advisable to make your army as 'balanced' as possible to ensure you have the best chance of achieving the varied victory conditions for each scenario.

Obviously, all games will be played using the current 5th Edition rules (subject to official GW errata and FAQs). The official rules errata and FAQ are available from the Games Workshop web site. I strongly suggest that you gain access to these documents. Players are free to use any 'House Rules' they wish (4th Edition 'Line of Sight' springs to mind; hint, hint!) as long a both players agree before the start of the game. Also please make sure both sides agree on the terrain and its effects on the game before you start.

Please try and ensure that your army presents a 'WYSIWYG' . 'what you see is what you get' look as much as possible. Excessive use of proxies, incomplete models, substitutes (such as bases) and 'counts as' models that are substantially different from that which they are intended to represent will not be allowed. All armies should be painted, ideally before the start of the tournament, but at the very least, by the end. Any incomplete or unpainted figures or vehicles WILL be subject to certain penalties in the final scenario (You have been warned!). 'Painted' for these purposes means at least three or four main colours and suitably based.

The number of Tournament Points players receive for each game will depend on the scenario being played and the level of victory/defeat. Some rounds may be worth more Tournament Points than others; the number of points each player receives for each round will be detailed on the scenario sheet, along with any bonus points that may be available. In addition to the various Victory Conditions set out in each scenario, players will also be required to take note of the number of Kill Points (KPs) scored every round. Players score 1 KP for each unit, independent character, monstrous creature or vehicle destroyed or fleeing at the end of the game, and . KP for each unit reduced to 50% or less of its starting strength, each independent character or monstrous creature reduced to half or less of its starting number of wounds or each immobilised vehicle. Unless the scenario says different, these Kill Points will not go towards the players Tournament Points, but will be used to break any ties on the leader board.

All results should be either written down and handed to me on any Monday night or alternatively e-mailed to me. It is no good wandering over at the end of a club night and just telling me about it. I WILL have forgotten all about it by the time I get out of the hall, no matter how exciting you may think the result is! Results handed in after the deadline for each round will NOT count, and both players will score zero for that round. If for any reason you are unable to play a particular round before the deadline, please let both me and your opponent know at least a week before the deadline. Anytime later than that is just bloody rude and you will receive zero points regardless of the reason.
After all six rounds have been completed; there will hopefully be a small prize for the winner/runner up and also for 'Best Painted Arm'. In the case of a dispute, the tournament organiser's decision is final and no discussion will be entered into (even if I am completely and utterly wrong) so there!!

If you wish to participate, please get your typed Army List along with your Name, Contact Phone Number, Alternative Phone Number, and Email Address to me by Monday 28th March. Hopefully, the first round matches will be announced the following Monday (4th April) to be completed by 9th May (Though this may have to slide a little due to the Bank Holidays). All draws, results, scenarios and tournament standings will be sent out via email and/or posted on the Warlords Forum each month. Of course I wouldn't exclude anyone from taking part if they don't/won't/can't use either or both of these methods to communicate, but it would make my life MUCH easier if you can. Thanks.

Good Luck everybody!
Paul Davies

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