Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Our stand is under the name 'Dubreq Ltd' but we trade as 'Dubreq Games' for our games and miniatures related products. As a company we are new to the games and modelling world but, as the owner, I am not. I've been involved in miniature painting and modelling since about 2007 and most people know me as 'rocketandroll' on CMON and various forums. I won the UK Golden Demon slayer sword in 2009 with a model called 'The Clockmaker' which featured a LOT of custom etched-brass components I designed and had made. This was a the starting point for the idea to commercialise this as it seemed that no one was making commercial photo-etched metal parts for miniatures, other than basing/scenery related materials. Etch-Master is our completely new range of photo-etch detailing sheets specifically for the fantasy and sci-fi miniatures world. The first two sheets will be a 'Fantasy details' sheet and a 'Sci-fi and modern' details sheet, each featuring over a hundred individual etched metal components to detail several models. Salute 2014 will be the first time these sheets will be going on sale to the public. We'll have a load of examples of the assembled parts and models using them there for people to see how they work and give them some inspiration on how they can enhance that special model. Shortly after Salute we'll be launching a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo to get another three or four further sheets into production. Everyone can find out more and get involved via our facebook page at: or via our website at:

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