Sunday, 13 April 2014

Game category Winners Salute 2014

The Standard of games was as high as always and thanks to all games who attended. The show would be less colourful with out you. Here are the category winners.

Well done to Honnigton wargames Group for winning the Salute Challenge Shield for Best of show Game with Hobart's funnies Normandy 1944 game

 Best Painting (Bill Brewer Memorial Prize)
Just About Games

Best Scenery

Honnington Wargames Group

Best Presentation

Contnental War Society

Best Participation

Crawley Wargames

Most innovative (Robin Hunt Memorial prize )
Megagame Makers

Best Sponsored Trader Game 

Ohiro Model Terrain

Best Historical Game (Robert Bothwell Memorial prize)
Contnental War Society

Salute Challenger Second Overall

Loughton Strike Force

Salute Shield Best of show game

Honnington Wargames Group

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