Sunday, 2 March 2014

SLW February Painting Competition

Good turnout for the SLW Competition, photographed by our own Roger Dixon (move over David Bailey). The competition is organised into 3 sections - Historical, Sci Fi/Fantasy, and Open (anything painted since the last competition, c 3 months apart). So here we have it:

Historical: "19th Century" Theme

Winner - British Infantry, Skh Wars - Des Darkin

US Cavalry - Ian Spence

15mm 1st US Sharpshooters - American Civil War - Mike Evans

Sci Fi / Fantasy: "Shock Troops" Theme

Winner "Gruntz" Shock Attack platoon - Roger Dixon

Prussian Clockwork War-Robots and wind-up men - Alan Patrick

Dark Angel Deathwing Command Squad - Paul Davies

Orks are always a shock - Mike Popay's....

...and Phil Portways - Boar Riders

Open Competition

Winner - Phil Portway's Knights Templar

Byzantine 12th century Kavllarioi - Alan Patrick

Shocking troops - Name TBA
Did I say 3 Sections? This time we tried a Terrain section too, and Phil Portway's Desert Dug-out won. It was the only entry however, but after a tough run off between it and a coffee stai on teh tablecloth, we gave it to Phil :)

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