Saturday, 29 March 2014

Maloma Miniatures is a brand new model firm introducing not only his own original range, but also distributing many indie, italian manufacturers as well.
Our company goal is to provide focused, quality ranges – all the products are crafted by dedicated specialists, resulting in a wide choice overall.
28mm Berezina 1812 (the “Grande Armée” retreat from Russia)
28mm Bloodbowl teams
15mm Battle of Hastings
15mm Great Admirals (Horatio Nelson…)
Historical-fantasy crossover characters (Undead pirates…)
Please note that for the first time we will attend the Salute 2014 exhibition, the most important wargaming fair in Europe… and the most distracting as well, for a reason!
We will be running 20% off all pre-orders that are ordered before the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t hesitate to drop us an email for any clarification you will need.

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