Thursday, 27 February 2014

It’s Nick from Black Box Games.
We produce the award winning “Lords of War” strategy cards game.
We are launching our successful kickstarter game and expansion pack (the 3 rd in the series)
at Salute 2014 – “Templars vs Undead”.
Our two pac...ks presently available are: “Orcs vs Dwarves” and “Elves vs Lizardmen”.

All armies are playable against each other.
The deals:

Normally the packs retail at: £12.99

But for Salute:

2 of any pack for £20

All 3 packs for £28

All 3 packs plus the Terrain and Weather expansion for £35

Playmats for £10 – up for haggling!!

1 army card tin and card sleeves for £5
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