Thursday, 9 May 2013

Salute Painting Competition 2013 - Historical categories

There are so many fantastic entries, I have decided to break up the posts this year so that nothing gets lost at the bottom of a huge pile of figures. Expect another three posts this afternoon with the sci-fi, fantasy and other categories, and a fifth and final post with the best-in-show.

1 Historical Wargames Single figure: 
Infantry or Cavalry – Up to (and including) 54mm

1st [171] Pete Halloran - Gladiator

2nd [006] Adam Skinner - Teutonic Knight

2 Historical Wargames unit 
Infantry or Cavalry - 6mm to (and including) 40mm: 5 to 40

1st [208] Darren Linington – War of the Roses Infantry

2nd [033] Francesco Velotto – Teutonic Cavalry

3 Historical Wargames unit 
Other - up to and including 54mm: up to 5 figures or models*

1st [209] Darren Linington – Burgundy Artillery

2nd [102] Guy Carmichael – JS2

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