Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Club night - 21 May 2013

I forgot my camera last night, so the pictures from my phone will have to do... there was a slightly different mix of games last night.


Set on a nice board - since you only need a 3x2 space, you can spend time on nice looking terrain.

The obligatory 40k game

Orcs against Dark Eldat

There were two games of Dreadball going on; I only grabbed a picture of one.

10mm early war Blitzkrieg Commander

The table for Bolt Action

...and some of the toys.

Sioux meet the 7th Cavalry, under a ruleset written by Phil Andrews.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

More 40k

Dark Angels (a pre-heresy black-armoured force) meet Ultramarines.

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Lee Hadley said...

A good selection of games going on there.