Friday, 22 March 2013

Our own games at Salute 2013

This year we have two games at Salute - 'Fleeced!' and 'Hammers Slammers - Route 66'.

Fleeced! (Fantasy, 1/6 scale)
Jason & The Argonauts in a heroic quest for a new rug…
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fabulous 1963 film version, the game represents the final climatic battle between Jason, plus two other Argonauts against the "Children of the Night" - demonic skeleton fighters grown from the Hydra's teeth. The Heroes must initially cover the escape of the fleece (off table) for the first few turns, before trying to make their own escape... The figures are all accurate "collector" models based on Ray Harryhausen's brilliant originals.

Hammers Slammers - Route 66
15mm Sci-Fi participation game using a "stripped down" version of the Hammer’s Slammers The Crucible Rules. We intend to have a maximum public involvement whilst retaining the feel of the original game. We are planning to simplify the rules for a ‘cinematic’ feel that will allow the players to try their hands at running a troop of the famous Hammer’s Slammers as they make their way from the Star port to Clyde City on Cullen’s World on Route 66!

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