Thursday, 14 March 2013

Newline Designs at Salute 2013

Newline Designs have sent me the following information about their ranges for Salute 2013.

New ranges for Salute
  • 28mm 8th century Arabs, Early Saxons and Sarmations.
  • 28mm 8th-12th century Chinese
New releases
  • 28mm Sassanid Slingers and Norman Archers.
  • 28mm Minoan/Mycenean Pikemen, Mycenean Swordsmen and Archers.
  • 28mm Sherden Command.
  • 20mm Hanoverian Landwehr.
  • 20mm Coureus de Bois
  • 20mm Rogers Rangers
  • 1/72nd Sikh War British Artillery crew and Bengal Horse Artillery
  • 1/72nd Sikh War British Lancers and Light Dragoons
  • 1/72nd Mycenean Swordsmen
Special Offers for Salute
  • 10% off all Army and Bargain packs (20mm and 28mm)
  • Buy any 3 - 28mm unit packs (£20 each) and receive a 4th pack of your choice free
  • All 20mm Unit packs only £7 (normally £9.50)

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