Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Another night at the club - 10/09/12

More games down at the club - mostly 40k, but with a smattering of General de Brigade, Kings of War, Dystopian Wars, Tusk, Flames of War, Stingray and Gruntz!


commanderroj said...

Interested in seeing Stingray has "surfaced" again. I ran/played a game based on the Warlords original rules at our club in Maidstone last month. i used cards for some aspects, and i see cards featured in this game too. I'd be interested to know about the changes made.

Colin Hagreen said...

A message from guy running that game, John Treadaway -

"commanderroj: Stingray now uses the same rules 'engine' developed by club members for the UFO game. It has more of a planned movement feel than the old set (which were based on a 'Phantom versus Mig17' derived system) and makes it easy for an umpire to run 9 Terrorfish against multiple Stingrays.

It's still a 'work in progress' but is very close to complete ion. Sadly, we forgot the terrain for this game (and the hats!)"