Sunday, 9 January 2011

What is played at the Warlords

At the Warlords, virtually all genres are covered in our gaming calendar, so many that many of our club members have troops that have not seen the light of day for a many a year. The most popular periods, have seen being played over the past couple of years, seem to be:

World War II 6mm – Spearhead
World War II 10mm – Blitzkrieg Commander
World War II 15mm - Flames of War
World War II 20mm– Rapid Fire, Command Decision
World War II 28mm - Disposable Heroes.
WWII Naval 1/3000 – General Quarters
WWI 28mm - Disposable Heroes
WWI Aerial 1/144 – Wings of War
Wild West 28mm – Legends of the Old West
American Civil War 6mm – Warmaster variant (house rules)
American Civil War 15mm – Johnny Reb II & Fire & Fury
American Civil War 25mm – Black Powder (just started)
ACW Naval 1/600 – Hammering Iron (need to play more)
Colonial 15mm, 28mm – Principle of War
Napoleonic Naval (Various Scales) – Action under Sail and Trafalgar
Napoleonic 6mm, 15mm – Shako, General de Brigade
Napoleonic 28mm - General de Brigade
Pirates 28mm – Legends of the High Seas
French Indian Wars 28mm – House Rules (Barry Cole)
English Civil War 28mm – 1644
Ancients & Medieval 15mm – DBM, Tactica (just started playing)

Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Warhammer Fantasy Battles 25mm – WFB rules
Space Hulk 28mm – Space Hulk
Flintloque 28mm - Flintloque
Horde of the Things 15mm – HOTT
Warhammer 40K 28mm – W40K rules
Warhammer 40K Kill team 28mm – Kill Team
Necromunda 28mm - Necromunda
Hammer’s Slammers 15mm, 28mm – Hammer’s Slammers : The Crucible
Epic 1/300 – Epic 40K
Uncharted Seas 1/300 – Fantasy Naval
Firestorm Armada 1/300 - Fantasy Naval
Silent Death Sci-Fi Spaceships
Humans vs Dinosaurs 28mm – Tusk
Warmachine 28mm

Boardgames, etc
Blood Bowl
Formula Deux
Flux (card game)
Bang (card game)

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