Saturday, 15 January 2011

Big Game Saturday 15/01/2011 redux

I have been sent some pictures from today's game down at the club. John Treadaway, club member and author of the Hammers Slammers: The Crucible ruleset writes:

'We've just come back from the first Big Game Saturday I (for one) have been to in a long time and it was nice to play a game without the need to finish early.

We did a large Slammers game in 15mm and the pictures I took are up on the Slammers website as we speak.

Roger's scenery looked fab (as ever) and new toys from almost all were in play. It was so packed that - in the end - I restrained myself to just taking pics and rule lawyering/umpiring.'

The scenery is Roger Dixon's, the figures are painted by Roger, Kevin Dallimore and 'Big' Jim Clark. Many more pictures are on the Slammers page linked above...

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