Tuesday, 10 March 2015

South London Warlords and Salute - New Ticketing System

New Ticketing System for Salute 2015

Hi everyone, some info on the tickets for Salute 2015:

As part of our plans to reduce queuing to a minimum we are using an E-ticket system. If you buy your ticket in advance from http://www.salute.co.uk/salute/salute-2015/  then the cost is £10 (that's slightly less than last year).

If you buy on the door it is £15 cash only. So buy in advance and spend that £5 on some nice stuff from the traders!

Why are we doing this?

This year has seen the introduction of a new ticketing system for the South London Warlords show Salute, what follows is a short explanation to try and shed some light on this change.

From my point of view I think probably the main reason this change was implemented was because we needed something that would help get people into the show much quicker and easier than our normal queuing system.

Over the past few years the queues have been getting longer and harder to deal with, once the doors opened at 10am we then had to get the advanced ticket holders in and then we had to start to collect the money for all those paying on the day!

This has been an issue that we have wanted to try and deal with for many years.

It was suggested that I look into E-ticketing as a way forward to help with this issue, and after a few meetings and a lot of scratching of heads we thought it would be good to at least try this and see if it helps with this years show, but for it to work at all we felt we needed a separate hall to do this in.
Well after some negotiating with ExCel we managed to get a separate queuing hall at one end of our normal show hall, and with making an entrance in the temporary wall system we have taken the queues off the boulevard, what this means is that this year visitors will enter the show from this queuing hall.

In this queuing hall we will have people with scanners for the pre-paid advanced tickets and a section to take the cash on the day ( hopefully from just after 7am!! ), this will mean that at 10am, when we normally open the doors, everyone in the queuing hall will have had their tickets checked or paid their money and will be ready to enter the show!!

We hope...

Hope you all have a great show.

Salute Coordinator
South London Warlords

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