Thursday, 11 December 2014

Winter Painting Competition

We have 4 painting competitions a year, last Monday was the Winter one. We have 3 categories - Historical, Sci Fi/Fantasy,, and Open (but it has to have been painted since the last competition) - here are some of the entries:

The Historical theme was "LIne of Battle"
 Normans 28mm


British Pre Dreadnought battlecruisers & cruisers 1/2400


Napoleonic Spanish15mm

Johnny Rebs

The Sci Fi / Fantasy theme was "Squadrons"

 Chaos BIkers

 Basilean Elohi (above) & Leman Russ tanks (below)


 Terror Fish (rest of squadron school  was in a game...)


15mm Skorpion grav-tanks

Open section - things painted since the last competition


 Berber infantry

Dark Angels Space Marine jetbike

Imperial Guard snipers

Death Korps Quartermaster


ScorpiusGLC said...

Awesome post full of inspirational pieces. I'm totally loving the 28mm Normans!

Phil said...

Great minis, love the Normans!