Monday, 13 January 2014

Battle for Saxon England

Good Afternoon
A grudge match between Alan Pospiech ( South london Warlords ) and Dave Toone ( Gravesend Wargames club)

2000 points late Saxons using the War and Conquest rules

Pitched battle deployment  VariableGame length

Alans Saxons  (objective -  Raid )
Daves Saxons  (objective - Pitched battle )

I used 4 units of thegns deployed in the center with Sirmishers guarding my Right
dave used a mixture of Thegns and Ceorls with Skirmers and Mounted Thegns on his flanks
both armies had a King and two Eorls

The Early turns consisted of me advancing in the center slowly in Shieldwall
Dave moving quickly to close the ground .An early deployment error by me allowed Dave to
drive off both units of my  skirmishers with his javelinmen and mounted Thegns
                                                   Initial deployment my Saxons at the top

I manged to stem the damage to my right by rallying my one unit of skirmishers
this enabled me to slow the advance of his cavalry . Battle lines clashed in ther center as i elected to charge while Daves Saxons went into   shieldwall both sides shooting both both and Javelins proved in effective.

                                              My right flank has crumbled just before the centres collide

 The battle settled into the Normal Dark Age meatgrind with Daves ceorls proving to be more than a match for my Thegns and both Kings in the thick of the Shieldwall
                                                           The battle lines clash

                                      Daves Mounted Thegns move around to threaten the rear

Turns 4 and 5 saw the bettle quality of the Warlords Thegns start to tell against the  Gravesend Ceorls
with me gaining 2 push and shove counters in each combat ,And one unit of Ceorls breaking and being destroyed from combat .

The game was to last until the end of turn 7 One last push by both sides was called for with neither being able to deliver the knockout blow .Daves General and unit of Ceorls fled and were cut down .
My unit of Thegns to my far right  were caught between Daves cavalry to the rear and a unit of Thegns to the front after a brief but bloody fight they were killed were they stood .
Both sides realised that they wouldnt be able to complete their primary objectives so looked to withdraw units from the battle to try and win on Bragging Rights

when the dust settled and the crows feasting on the bodies of the Saxon dead a count up showed that both sides scored 75 points so honours even

                                                                a great game with a good set of rules

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