Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Eureka Miniatures at Salute 2013

As stock needs to be sent ahead from 10,000 miles away we rely on you letting us know in advance if you would like from us on the day. To avoid disappointment we highly recommend that you take advantage of our offer to bring pre-orders, post free from Australia to collect at the show. The last date for pre-orders, is 31st March.

New releases are too many to fully list here. If any of the following pique your interest, please e-mail us and we will send relevant catalogue details.

28mm Wars of the French Revolution – Guillotine Set – French Heavy Cavalry (heavy, cuirassier and carabineer) - Russian jaegers – Austrian Grenz

28mm Moderns – Somalis – ZANLA – Alouette II helicopter (G and K Car versions) – Greys Scouts – additional SEAL Team 6

28mm 1920’s Jazz Band

28mm Cartoon-style Seven Years War

18mm AB Waterloo British Cavalry – more British Infantry – Dutch Belgian cavalry, infantry and artillery.

15mm Current Russian and Chechen infantry and support weapons

Don’t forget that Fighting15s, our European agent, will also be in attendance with many of our existing figures.
I hope we can serve you once again,


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Phil said...

Great looking scenette!