Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Club Night - 28th January 2013

Another set of pictures of the games that were going on at the Warlords this week. It was quite quiet; not sure why, since the snow has all gone now. This time, I managed to remember to take pictures of my own game, though sadly I got creamed by a chaos army that was handing out pie-plates.

40k - my Space Wolves being pwned by Chaos

See those craters in front of the barricades? Once upon a time, they were my dreadnoughts.

A fistful of TOW in 1/300 scale 

A Lord of the Rings version of Impetus

The figures look great on these big Impetus bases

Bolt Action in 28mm

Spartacus (no, I'm Spartacus)

More 40k

This time, it's Dark Eldar and Blood Angels

More WW2, this time 10mm early war using Blitzkrieg Commander

Another game of 40k

This time it's Ultramarines and Orks. All three marine players got their tails handed to them...

Memoir '44 - a third WW2 game on the tables tonight.

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