Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Scarlet Thunder at Reading Warfare

Five Club members took the game to Warfare at Reading for two days. We had bought the worlds largest (almost) digital clock to have a countdown for the games (£35 on ebay) and it helped speed the game up no end as players were aware that time was short.

 On that basis we played ten games over the two days (so around 40 punters (well, 35 - an umpire made up the numbers on some games) and handed out loads of Salute leaflets.

 John Treadaway would like to thank Tim "I've just lost a piston ring in my car on the way up here" Atkinson, Peter Merritt and Ivan Congreve (the three drivers for the large slabs of scenery and display boards) plus Kevin Dallimore for running the game.

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