Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Down at the club - June 2012

Since this is the last week of games before the AGM and the election of new club officers, I thought I'd get one last post on the blog. Pictures of the activity down at the club last night; the second painting competition of the year, the first round of the Formula De Championship, plus several varied games.

Formula De - Singapore track, ten players in five teams. It rained throughout the race, and we only had eight finishers.

Slaughterloo - can you see a stand of chickens beside the artillery? Apparently they're battery hens...

General Quarters rules...
...and some very small ships.

Saga: the new boards being tested.

Johnny Reb III

I knew I should have written down the name of the rules being used here...
It looked very nice, though.

A Fistful of TOWs with WW2 micro-armour

And the infamous club painting comp. 

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