Monday, 2 April 2012

Charity Raffle!!!

We received the following from Jeremey Claridge (aka Germy) and felt it was well worth putting up on our Blog...

"On the 22nd April Germy's sister is running in the London Marathon and to help raise money for her choosen charity 'Great Ormond Street Hospital' I have decided to run a raffle. To enter the raffle you just need to follow these rules:

1. Make a donation to Germy's sister's 'Just Giving' page.
2. When making a donation you must include your e-mail address and enter the word 'Germy' in the message text.
3. For every £1 you donate your name will go in the hat for the draw. Donate £5 and your name goes in 5 times etc.
4. The draw will be made at the Salute show 21st April 2012 (I'll grab a passer by to make the draw). As I have two sets of the Frothers Angels Charity figures I will also draw a runner up prize to win one of those.
5. The Raffle closes at 9am GMT on the 20th April 2012

So what's the prize I hear you say. Thanks to donations from individuals and several companies I have a generous pile of miniatures to give away. The current pile consists of:


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