Sunday, 18 December 2011

December Painting Competition

Every 3 months the Warlords hold a painting competion - usually with a Fantasy/Sci Fi section, an Historical section, and an Open section. The winner of each section defines the theme for the figures in that section in the next competition 3 months later.

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy theme was Femme Fatale.....

Winner - Lady Justice - A redhead you wouldn't want to tangle with:

2nd - Caprica 6.... Lady in Red with a difference

3rd - She Who Must Be Obeyed

But lets not forget......

The adept señoritas of the Adepta Sororitas

Can I keep it, please Mummy?

The Historical Theme was "1939 - 1945",  sadly everyone saw it as AD, not BC....

Winner - Tanks for the Memories

2nd - Cap (ahem - historical, what?)

3rd - Baby Bear

And the "Open" Theme was "A Unit you have painted since October"

Winner - The Nazgul

2nd - Sharpe Practice

3rd - Squat Katyushka

One thing worth mentioning is that nearly all of these figures appear in our armies and games, this is not art for art's sake -  though we are struggling to find the stats for Cap in Flames of War....

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