Monday, 14 November 2011

Rolling Thunder at Salute 2012

The Warlords' Captain Scarlet game, based on the Thunder Road board game, is taking shape and will be featured at Salute 2012.

The final board will be about 4.5m long and will 'switch' as vehicles progress down it.

The game:

Can Colonel White escort the World President to London Airport in a convoy of SPVs, SPCs and an MSV before Mysterons wreak their deadly havoc? Find out in Scarlet Thunder at Salute 2012

Set in the Gerry Anderson world of the TV series Captain Scarlet, this is a road race game with violence – though all in a good cause! Using an adaptation of the board game Thunder Road, this game will allow up to four players to try and beat the Mysteron threat and ensure that the World President and Spectrum commander in chief Colonel White make it all the way along the motorway to ‘London Airport'.

Using the Thunder Road's ‘rolling road' system, players will have control of their own Spectrum vehicles – the sleek Spectrum Patrol Car and the heavy, multi-wheeled Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle – and have the duty of escorting the heavily armoured Maximum Security Vehicle on their journey. Players have an individual task: in addition to protecting their President, Colonel White is about to retire and each player team wants to do well on this mission and so put themselves in a prime position to get his job!

The four player teams – Team Red (Captain Scarlet and Captain Magenta), Team Yellow (Captain Ochre and Captain Brown), Team Blue (Captain Blue and Captain Indigo) and Team Green (Captain Emerald and Lt. Green) have to negotiate slow moving traffic on their dangerous, high-speed mission but an added factor is also present. The Mysterons have vowed to kill the World President, destroy Spectrum and bring Earth to its knees in revenge for attacks on their home world.

During the game they will try and wrest control of Spectrum agents and their vehicles – even Spectrum helicopters – as well as civilian vehicles to try and achieve their terrible vengeance.

All text and photographs by John Treadaway

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