Monday, 3 October 2011

Club Night Games 3rd October 2011

Another walk-through of the games being played tonight. I think I got everyone's game, but if I missed any, I'm sorry. I have tried to name the rules and the figures - sometimes these don't match...

General view across the hall

Rapid Fire rules with WW1 figures

Song of Blades and Heroes rules,  LOTR collectable figures

General de Brigade Rules, 15mm figures...

...and a picture some of those figures. French Revolutionary Wars.

Hammers Slammers in 15mm...

...and some of the great terrain

Hail Caesar rules

40k Killteam

Bloodbowl - undead v. orcs

One of several 40k games in the club tournament

Kings of War rules, GW figures, no scenery! (A first run-out for the rules for Mac, keeping it very simple)

40k again

40k again

Guess what - more 40k

Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition, I think.


Devastating Double D said...

General de Brigade game - the figures are 15mm metal, from AB and Old Glory ranges.

The game was pretty conclusive - the French were crushed......

Colin Hagreen said...

Fixed it... cheers DDD