Sunday, 17 July 2011

Big Game Saturday 16/07/11

Despite the apalling weather in the real world a group of Warlords had another great Big Game Saturday. THe usual 40K crowd turned up with 8000 points per side - certainly not the size of game we could fit into a Monday evening!

John-Paul (Orks), Jim (Orks) and Warren (Dark Eldar) took to the field against Chris B (Space Marines), Steve (Tau) and Chris S (Eldar). The Orks brought out the big guns in the form of a rather nicely painted Squiggoth (credits to John-Paul).

The forces of order faced an uphill battle in such a target-rich environment and the Orks/Dark Eldar certainly played to their strengths, getting the first turn and speeding towards their anxious opponents. Despite the heroic forward actions by the Marines and the withering firepower coming from the Tau machines the latter turns of the game became an exercise in objective denial, as can be seen by the Tau's attempt at parallel parking.
In the final event, the forces of disorder triumphed on the day. Units of the match? The Tau performed valiantly in the centre, eventually vanquishing the Squiggoth, and the Ork Rocket Boyz expertly harried the flanks. One notable mention in dispatches goes to Chris Barrass's Space Marine Sargeant who, with massive bravura, destroyed a large squad of greenskins with only his combat blade!
The next Big Game Saturday is in September - hope to see you there!

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