Monday, 28 February 2011

SLW painting competition 21/02/11 - results

For the record then, the results were:

Sci-Fi & Fantasy (on the theme of 'Monstrous')

1. Lawrence Widdicombe (Confrontation Werewolf)
2. Adam Tennant (Forgeworld Khorne Demon Prince)
3. Steve Young (Squat Shadowsword Super Heavy Tank)

Historical (on the theme of 'Raiders')

1. Dave Barnes (20mm U-boat)
2. Ian Spence (28mm US Paratroopers)
3. Phil Portway (20mm Afrika Korps Recce)

And the next Painting Competition for the SLW on 16/5/11 to coincide with the deadline for the next, and final, ComPost of the Committee year.

Historical Category chosen by Dave is: "Flying"

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Category chosen by Lawrence is: "Terrain"

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