Thursday, 23 December 2010

The 2009 Salute figure

Each year at Salute, we give away several thousand figures to the people who come to the show. In 2009 it was one of my favourite figures, the Zulu warrior and British Rifleman. There were some 'teething troubles' with the figure - the base made it twice the weight of any previous give-away - but it's a lovely piece, and I have seen them changing hands on eBay for almost twice the cost of entry to the show!

Anyway, here are some pictures of that figure, as painted by club members, by the sculptor, and by the winner of the 2010 painting competition.

Painted by members of the Warlords for our publicity material

Painted by the sculptor, Adam Clarke of Black Scorpion

Painted by Kevin Dallimore, Warlord and celebrated painter

Painted by Jose Antonio Bustamante Gamba, winner of category 12 of the 2010 painting competition

Oh - and the 2011 tickets are now available - see the 'Salute 2011' page on the menu bar at the top. I am hoping to have the first teasers of the promotional figure before the new year...

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